High Divorce Rate

Running head: DIVORCE RATE What is the cause of the high divorce rate in America Walker ENG 215- Assignment 1: Argumentative Essay 18 October 2010 What is the cause of the high divorce rate in America? Infidelity is one of the many causes of the high divorce rate in America, because of several reasons for it. Infidelity is caused by deceit or deception of ones trust. Partners falling out of love, too much work and with no leisure, low self-esteem, feeling neglected. Can infidelity be prevented? Is there actually any way to avoid such an emotional disaster?Yes, infidelity can be prevented, but it has to take determination, and discipline to with stand such an act. Falling out of love, for instance this can happen to anyone, but in order for this not to happen individuals have to keep the fire burning and by this I mean romance each other, communicate with each other, share responsibilities, laugh and enjoy the relationship.

Once the fire is out, under no circumstance can the heart be forced, brought, or manipulated eventually at that point the relationship is over. Feeling neglected is another reason for infidelity.I think this is the most dangerous and the most emotional problem that a couple can face. In most relationships when an individual make their partner feel that he or she is number one in their life, everything would look and feel wonderful, and when this changes and they find themselves paying more attention to their careers, children, relatives and even a social life then their partner or spouse would feel neglected. Nevertheless in some cases it would be easier for them to find the security and affection that is missing from home through a luscious affair.

All work and no play can lead into a full fledge affair meaning in today’s world we are all contemplating on big moves or a big step towards establishing a successful career and just might tend to spend less time with their families. This may cause their partner to look elsewhere for the company, conversations, the affection and the understanding that they are no longer receiving from the partner or spouse. Low self-esteem again in some cases will lead to infidelity.Sometimes lack of appreciation, work stress and even aging can make a person feel less wanted and less valuable, but instead of boosting their low esteem they choose to prove to themselves that they are still valuable and go on to pursue an extra martial affair. In so many relationships individuals feel that infidelity is a part of everyday living and feel that it is okay as long as they are not expose. However infidelity can cause emotional problems for many people, so before an individual decide to ruin their life and the lives of others, just ask the question, Is it really worth it?


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