Here have been many changes in the
food industry over the years to promote better eating habits and the way food
is stored. Irradiated food is a process of exposing food to ionizing radiation.
Ionizing radiation improves the safety and extends the shelf life of food by
reducing or eliminating microorganisms and insects. In this research it will
contain information on the following topics such as, Is irradiated foods safe
to eat, What are Irradiated food, last but not least Who approves Irradiated

begin with the question that is brought up in research discussion is Are
Irradiated foods safe to eat? Most would answer to yes irradiated foods are
safe for us to eat. The reason why irradiated foods are safe for us to eat is
because it reduces the number of harmful chemicals and bacteria and parasites
that can be in our food had it not gone through the process of being
irradiated. Some people maybe concerned that the food will be in contact will
the radiation, however food is never in contact with the radiation. Irradiated
foods do not give off foul smells and odors, neither do they feel or look and
certain way, but there is a symbol that is used in a package nation wide along
with wording that states, ” Treated with Radiation”.

Further more,
since we know now that irradiated foods are safe to eat, lets talk about the
process of irradiated food and what they are. Well irradiated food as mentioned
in previous paragraph are foods that are process by exposing food to ionizing
radiated. When we go to the grocery store many of our products on the shelf has
gone through this process. Things that we see on the shelf such as out can
fruits; canned vegetables, pasteurized milk and etc. have shelf lives. Shelf
life is a period to where products can stay on the shelf without expiring.
Irradiating foods can help to prevent food borne illnesses, preserve food from spooling
so quickly and keep foods sterilized. If you so happen to go in the store and
you see a green symbol with a flower inside of the circle that symbols
represents that it went through the irradiation process. People that go out of
space and also military solders that are in wars use irradiated foods because
the food does not spoil quickly it are preserved. Irradiated foods are exposed
to Gamma rays, X rays and electron beams. Gamma rays are used for safety
purpose and can pass through the thickest food.  Gamma rays consist of Cobalt 60 and are used for irradiated
food. Cobalt is a solid metal as we learned in class.

Hence forth irradiated
foods are approved by the Food and Drug Administration better know as FDA. Food
that uses the irradiation process is licensed as food and then is regulated by
the government agency responsible for regulating the irradiated food. Some
examples of food that is approved by FDA are beef, pork, fresh fruit, fresh
vegetables lettuce, spinach, spices, and seasoning just to name a few. As far
as when it comes to meat being irradiated the United States department of
Agriculture also know as the USDA inspects and approves the meat. Most
importantly all facilities that are producing irradiated foods must undergo
regular audits and inspections to ensure safety and make sure that these
facilities are properly operated before each agency whether FDA or USDA can approve
the food. 

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