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Hello students and teachers im here today to explain how students can plagiarize word for word off the internet without getting caught first i’ll tell you why you should copy paste off the internet it’s much better to let someone else do all the work for you here’s why it’s on the internet why not use it there’s even called a website called free plagiarism essays and writing pieces 123helpme! this speech could all be plagiarized and copy pasted know one would know not you not you and not even robby! Infact when student plagiarize off the internet its teaching them a valuable lesson and that lesson is always use the resources provided like copy and paste opportunities plagiarism is defined ¬†plagiarism is committed when a writer takes a sequence of 7 or more words from another source, but does not identify the quoted passage you can get around this definition in a simple two step process step 1 get around the definition step 2 your done a more detailed way to do this is word plagiarism differently is to copy 6 words at a time then add your own word in between copied text for example this is from wikipedia:Speech is the vocalized form of now add your own word human communication which is based on and then continue writing five words from the website your copying from and adding your own word another way to make your work not in the plagiarism definition is to change a word like this Speech is the vocalized form of talking instead of saying communication i used talking and it’s not copying if the word isn’t directly off the website also don’t copy everything from one website take little bits of text from multiple websites but the best way the best thing to do to not get plagiarism is to go to the website copy everything you need then paste it in ms word it has to be ms word next just go through the entire copied text and individually highlight any words that aren’t transition words or words like the a or I right click on the highlighted word and hover over synonym choose one of the synonyms and just go down the whole page ¬†highlighting and changing the words to a synonym and when your done it won’t be plagiarized because the words aren’t directly off a website


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