Hello Everyone, I would like to concentrate on the discipline of Environment/Sustainability/Social Impact. In the cutting edge world, Man has progressed definitely in the field of science and innovation. In any case, we turned out to be greedy to the point that we nearly disregarded our the unstoppable force of life. Once Mahatma Gandhi said an ingenious statement that”Our Earth has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed”. Most likely its past the point of no return now to understand the harm that we have done to our mother Earth. Preferred late over never so this is the time that we have to make significant steps keeping in mind the end goal to spare Earth from being misused. This is the place sustainable development becomes possibly the most important factor.  With our strong desire for development, earlier we had sacrificed the thought of saving nature. Right now is an ideal opportunity when we have to join our hands to spare Earth from harm. I chose this topic because we are the youth and we can play a key role to implement several initiatives and ideas towards sustainable development. The subject rotates around the adoption and implementation of precautionary environmental and social principles and considerations into decision making processes. While making significant strides towards improvement and urbanization, we may take after a basic rule like, ” on the off chance that we chop down a 100 trees then we should plant 200 trees at some other place”. Some more proficient measure could be taken towards the better approach for improvement through manageability. One of the significant difficulties in this field is the continuous deforestation and hunting which has  led to the extinction of several plant and animal species. This can be kept in check by forming rules and regulations to restrict hunters and woodcutters from entering into selected forest areas. Security of these territories ought to be tight and effective. Anyone found trespassing ought to be rebuffed in like manner. To be particular, I might want to contribute towards tackling the issue of air contamination caused because of smoke from vehicles and factories. This smoke is the significant reason for diseases like nausea, asthma and even cancer. I want to develop a device which can check the amount of carcinogenic substances like sulphur dioxide and greenhouse gases. This will make the administration authorities to put a keep an eye on different factories and vehicles which contaminate the air. I  want to answer the urgent call of mother Nature to save her from getting exploited.  I would suggest the various vehicle companies to introduce new engines which liberate less smoke. I would also suggest for the plantation drives among school students and NGOs.My Questions are as per the following: 1.  How might we motivate people to plant trees on a Global Scale? 2. How might we find newer technologies in order to prevent vehicular pollution?3. How might we reduce the extensive use of pollutants which are being used by the common man?


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