Heaven is based in the 1990 in a small town called heaven in ohio ,It’s a fictional story about a young girl named Marley and her family, I believe that the morals of the story are that life can be unpredictable in the most unbelievable ways ,life can also be cruel and never predictable ever ,Another moral I believe this book is about is that a biological family does not mean they are true family without love and that true family is should be cherished no matter what .          Marley lived in Heaven since she was two ,That place was her home because her mom found a postcard marked Heaven and thought to herself that it”ll be a good place to raise her family ,For twelve years marly has a great childhood she is loved and loves her family her brother does not annoy her she states this in the the book ,she also receives a letter from her uncle jack every week, Marley only knows about uncle jack through the letters she gets from him, Everything is in life is good for  Marley .          One day a letter from a Alabama church came to Marley’s house the letter was her baptism and her mom wants to hide this from her because this secret is very dark, Some time later a big storm was approaching heaven and the who family took shelter in the basement No one Knew exactly how bad the storm was and all of them were worried ,To mamma this felt like it was  the best time to tell Marley that she and pops were not her real parents and that her brother was really her cousin,This shook Marley to her core she felt betrayed he felt abandoned like if she never trust anyone ever again, She felt lied to like as if her whole life was a lie she really felt out of place and lost.          Marley no longer looks for attention from her family she now goes to her friend Shoogy for attention and its a bad idea because she isn’t the best role model in the world, Shoogy comes from a well off family but she is very self destructive, For example in some of the chapters Shoogy shows Marley how to deal with stress by smoking She was also not the best for advice because she cut herself, Marley knew she was doing bad things with shoogy so she turned back to her family to guid her on her new journey of life   , When Marley found out that her uncle jack was her real dad she was angry but learned to forgive him and her family because on her own she realised that they did not tell her because they loved her and wanted the best for her so the end of the story was only the new begining of her life.

        As you can see life can never be predictable like in Marley’s case she was living a lie the whole time ,The people that she loved the most made her live a lie ,life can be very cruel sometimes, But at the end she learned to forgive because she found out that true family doesn’t have to be biological family is made of love and trust, you don’t have to be related to be a part of a family, The true value of family comes from the love you have for each other and how willing you are to be there for each other, no matter what that spiritual of a true family can never be broken biological or not.