Heart, Body and Mind would not exist without language

Language is defined by the dictionary as “the system of sounds and words used by human to express their thoughts and feelings… (2)the particular language system used by people or nation… (3) a particular way or style of speaking and writing… (5) sing, symbols gestures, etc used for indicating ideas or feelings”*(1). For me language is a facility that only humans have to communicate specific meanings. It functions as primary vehicle to express our deepest thoughts and knowledge.

As we can see, language has plenty of different connotations and meanings but all of them point to the same matter, that language is a way to express our feelings, ideas and thoughts and no human lacks of this ability, even the ones who have an incapability to communicate, as dephs or dumbs. This is what makes us think if language is the base of our minds, hearts and bodies, and that without it they would not exist.

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We have always believed that language is independent from thought and that the words contain our ideas, first we think and then we express this thinking in language, to put it in more simple words, that language functions like a telephone line, the recipient extracts the meaning from the words and the idea of the thinker becomes present on his own mind. This is called the “Language Myth”* (2), and this picture is totally incorrect.

In the beginning of the history of man, he didn’t know how to speak or express deep ideas or feelings, from the moment he learned how to do that he developed a new civilization, in this case it can be said that he learned how to think and reason and not how to speak. As we can see language and thought are much more closer than we believed, so it is reliable to say that language comes before thought and not the other way round. A clear example of this is when a child learns how to read silently, this is a skill that has to be learned by internalising audible speech.

Another good example for explaining this theory is when we say something without previous thought and then regret it, in this case language came out without thinking or reasoning, so it is reliable to say that language comes first, and that without it we would not be able to think in any higher sense, and we would be just like animals, that do it all by instinct. As we all know, in the world are so many different languages as cultures.

Even though there are plenty of countries that speak the same language and understand each other, they all use it and pronounce it in a different way creating new words and concepts. So, it can be said that every country has it own “language”*(3), and in consecuense every language has it’s own culture and way of thinking. This is what supports the idea that heart would not exist without language. First of all we have to consider the heart as feelings and emotions, and not as a physical thing. A clear example to show that heart is directly connected to language is the nationalism.

As we said before, it can be said that every country has it own way of expressing, and sometimes there are many concepts and words in a language that can’t be translated into another language, there is a very simple reason for that. Every culture is different in their way of thinking and reacting towards different situation, this is what make the words different, and that some of them don’t have a translation in another language. This is simply because the concepts don’t exist. So, language is defined by different realities.

This difference between languages is what makes you be what you are, the different realities makes you create and use some concepts that in another country wouldn’t be necessary. For example, sometimes in Spanish we use English words to express something because there is not an accurate word to refer to that in Spanish. Before we said that animals didn’t have any language so now we can assume that they don’t have a heart either, as they do not have feelings or thoughts to express, they just act by instinct, but they do have a body.

Then, what is the relationship between heart, body and mind? As I just said, animals do not have a heart or a mind, although this, they have a body. So, body alone is not a direct dependent on language as heart and mind. But animals are exactly the same in the hole world, a cat is a cat in Chile and in China, and without regarding it’s physical appearance it would not have problems adapting or communicating to his partners in any part of the world. For human this is not the same.

When a Chilean goes to China the first thing we notice is the difference in his physical appearance and the different language. Another difference that can be seen so easily is the difference in thoughts and believes. Up to now, we still can’t get to the importance of language to our bodies, but, think of this, what would we be without our bodies? Mind and heart is what makes us be what we are, a particular individual, but, where would that be without a physical container?

As a conclusion, it can be said that mind and heart depend completely on language, because without it they would not even exist, as this is what makes us be. Body, in the odder way, is totally independent from language, but not from the heart an mind. Body is what we are physically, and the other two is what we are inside. Even though it would be more correct to say that “Heart and mind would not exist without body and language”, we can not leave language behind. It is what makes each of us an individual and with out it, we would not exist as persons.