Health care

Health care is an important aspect of company management. Healthy employees are tantamount to healthy organizations. (Balancing employee expectations and healthcare rising costs, n. d. ) This opened us to taking a step farther in the healthcare provisions of the company. Effective on January 1, 2008, HealthX, our current healthcare provider, will be finishing its contract with us and it is with great pride that we announce to you our partnership with a new provider.

HealthY is a leader in corporate healthcare programs since 1995. They have been handling the corporate accounts of many top corporations. The HealthY plan for employees is pretty much similar to the plan that HealthX has offered us in the past ten years. The benefits are also not far apart from each other. In fact, the HealthY plan is by observation more advantageous as it poses itself as more cost-effective for the company. Bachman (2006) claims that the structural problems of many healthcare plans cost beneficiaries a lot.

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Thus, by switching to HealthY the money that will be saved from paying the healthcare plans can be channeled to other aspects such as additional employee benefits and company improvements. We are aware that you have enjoyed the benefits of HealthX. We also laud HealthX for having provided us a comprehensive coverage, from which many of us benefited. HealthY and the company view to continuing these benefits. In fact, we are contemplating and planning on adding more assistance for everybody to enjoy.

The healthcare industry is continually improving and so are the offerings of the company. We assure everyone that they will not be missing the benefits that they have been used to having. (Getting to e-Health, n. d. ) For more information on the new healthcare provider, clarifications about the continuation of benefits, updating of records and profiles, as well as requesting for the HealthY brochure, please see the Human Resources Department. Thank you very much.