He mentioned security breaches, identity theft, privacy violations, and the social disruptions of globalization. Since Web provides the method for interaction for those who break laws, spread hate, or promote terrorism.

Yes I agree with his view. Web Science is not Computer Science. Therefore it can cover all issues that happens in web. For instance, the object of web science is universal usability. Therefore it must address all kind of users such as who speak multiple languages, novices/experts, young/old, low-literacy users, and users with disabilities. To provide technologies and services to every user can be already social or law not only scientific.


The long tail is the name for a phenomenon that has been on the rise mainly due to the rise of the internet . Marketing is often focused on popular products and media with a large audience . At the long tail, however, the sum of less popular articles and concepts is in the majority. Thanks to e-commerce , web stores such as Amazon and Bol.com can sell books and music that are so far back in the long tail that they would rarely be included in the assortment in a traditional shop . Thanks to the size of the internet and potential sales market, the sum of products with smaller demand has also become an interesting market.


A: Neutrality is a principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.

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He his view. Web Science is not Computer
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B: One of the reason of FCC insists internet is a product, not public goods is for large investment to 5G network. 5G network enables AI, IoT and Auto driving car which comsumes lots of data. I partly stand with FCC for this reason.

C: EU announced that it will stick to principle of net neutrality. But FCC ruling in USA will effect indirectly eventually. For instance, consumers in the EU can also experience monopoly by big corporation such as google or amazon. Since Small company can’t afford the fee. 


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