Having a new sibling come into the family is never easy for another sibling to handle. Sibling rivalry is when sibling compete against each other, they argue, and fight to express their jealousy that they hold towards each. Some siblings are best friends sometimes and then the next thing you know is that they are the worse of enemies’. Sibling rivalry is usually caused by lack of attention, overshadowing by an older sibling or parents selecting favorites.


Most studies have said that it’s okay for siblings to compete against each other. In fact it’s normal, and it’s a way for kids to learn how to handle problems, and arguments, it is also a way for them to develop strategies, that they can use in the future. Also, sibling rivalry is also a part of how kids find their place in their family.


Children are competitive people and focus, primarily on equality and the actions of their brothers and sisters, the causes are impossible to prevent, however sibling rivalry is not always a bad thing, the competition that siblings might have can help them improve themselves and have positive results. Often, a child believes that his or her brother or sister is better, smarter, funnier, more driven or will have more overall success in life and that causes tension in a child’s mind, one child may be looked at as the most loved child, and the idea of having a sibling that outshines him or her as a person, triggers their competitive nature, and the other sibling will do the best they can to improve themselves to be the best, and the most “loved” one. Also have better grades.


Obviously, there are severe negative effects of sibling rivalry. Siblings might become violent with each other, causing them to hit, each other, pull each other’s hair, use names to hurt each other, and that’s always results in injuries. Studies have shown that 32% of all the siblings that had fought each other physically, have had their anger and depression increase.

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There are long-term effect of sibling rivalry. Sibling aggression can lead to anger, depression, and anxiety in a person’s life in the future. Researchers have also found out that sibling aggression may be more damaging than bullying.

The effects of sibling rivalry can also be felt by the kids family. Parents, in particular, feel irritation and pressure when their kids fight. Especially, when the family is in public, at a family gathering or restaurant, and their children compete and start fighting.


As studies have shown, that sibling rivalry is part of a child’s growth. Though siblings may be too hard on each other, and have long term negative effects.


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