Have you ever been watching something on YouTube, then it just stops and when you go closer to the internet and it still doesn’t work. Well ,taking away net neutrality will help that. Net neutrality is making companies give equal internet access. Private companies should be allowed to restrict internet access. Some reasons that support “private companies should be allowed to restrict internet access ” are It allows new innovation., huge amounts of data are consumed by the big companies, and inappropriate content lives off of net neutrality.”Net Neutrality creates an equal playing field” (13 Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality), but when we have no net neutrality it allows innovation to our system. “In this day and age, services like Skype are offering real-time video calls. Netflix offers high-definition video streaming. These services utilize massive amounts of data for free on an ISPs infrastructure” Net Neutrality: pros and cons.  Another reason is that the internet providers say that net neutrality is keeping them from innovating there system. This shows that without net neutrality companies can significantly improve their system.People of the opposing side say that companies can’t block websites. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is good. For example “Inappropriate content like pornography and graphic videos thrives on net neutrality”13 Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality Now anything can be posted like pornography,saying it is freedom of speech but according to uscourts.gov it is not freedom of speech to release graphic videos or pornagraphy  but with no net neutrality inappropriate websites can be blocked. This allows children to roam the internet freely without parents having to worry.”Some opponents of net neutrality lament how easily accessible legal but age-sensitive content like pornography is. While there are plenty of security vendors who allow families to restrict the sites available on a family computer, more children have smartphones and connected devices with which they can get online without adult supervision” The Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality. Graphic videos and pornapgraphy will be almost to a cease without net neutrality.Naysayers say that internet providers would become a utility provider, but being a utility provider you can’t improve your system because you don’t have the money. Regulated utilities have no financial incentive to embrace change. Which means that if Internet services became a utility they wouldn’t be able to innovate their system(Downes). Many utilities face a slowing consumer base, so they raise prices to compensate. That eventually means everyone pays more for the same service without any innovation. 13 Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality. Eventually, internet providers will lose the urge to improve systems because it doesn’t affect the amount of money they will makeJC Press. Internet being a utility isn’t the best thing if you want faster speeds on the internet.Private companies should restrict internet access because It doesn’t allow children to be on inappropriate websites, creates more innovation and less money put into covering the data that the big companies use. Without Net Neutrality internet will be faster,stronger, easier to setup because of all the money going to make it better.


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