Have you ever known someone who has judged people based on their race, or skin color? Racism in the To Kill A Mockingbird is commonly seen throughout the entire book, and is a major aspect to how the story plays out. In the book there are three main acts of racism that stand out more than others, when Scout does not understand racism, when tom was framed based off of his race, and when Walter tries to kill Scout and Jem. When Scout (Jean Louise) was young she didn’t quite understand what racism was. Scout asks, “‘Do you defend niggers Atticus?” I asked him that evening” “Of course I do. Don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s common” ” ‘s what everybody else at school says'” (Lee, pg 99). This shows that racism is present in society because the offensive word that Scout uses, aimed towards African Americans is present. When Mr. Tom Robinson; a black man, is accused of raping Mr. Walter Ewell’s daughter it was a prime example of racism in society.  The only reason that Tom Robinson was accused of raping Mr. Walter Ewell’s daughter is because of the color of his skin. ” I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin’ on my Mayella!”( Lee, pg 231).  As in today’s society people of all skin tones are falsely accused of things they did not do because of the color of their skin. When Scout and Jem Finch were attacked by Mr. Ewell, after their father; Atticus, made him look like the town fool. Mr. Ewell attacking Jem and Scout is an example of how far people today, and back then were and are willing to go just to get their point across, racism in this instance. “This thing probably saved her life”, he said “Look.” He pointed with a long forefinger. A shiny clean line stood out on the dull wire. ” Bob Ewell meant business,” Mr. Tate muttered. “He was out of his mind,” said Atticus”.(Lee, pg. 360). This quote goes to show that Mr. Ewell meant to kill those two kids that night. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird three instances of racism are when Scout questions Atticus about words used at school, when Atticus takes on the Tom Robinson case, and when Mr. Ewell tries to kill Jem and Scout because of Atticus. The book To Kill A Mockingbird’s theme of racism can relate to now’s problems with racism and prejudice.


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