Harmful habits of human beings that threaten our environment We have one earth and also one environment on earth. We should care for it and we should cooperate together to keep it carefully to deliver it to next generations. Unfortunately some human’s activities threaten our earth and our environment. Main harmful habits that threaten our environment are burning fossil fuel, polluting environment with garbage and destroying forests. Burning fossil fuel is one of harmful activities that threaten our environment.

The main reason of global warming and acid rain is burning fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuel produce many harmful gases that they cause acid rain and temperature rise. Global warming can cause climate change, environmental disaster, ice caps to melt and rising sea levels. Acid rain damage trees and plants in forests and decrease the nutrient of soil. Use of fossil fuel influence negatively on many areas. We should use and look for new, clean and efficient fuels. Human beings are garbage maker. We daily make a lot of rubbish and garbage.

All of factories also make a lot of garbage and sewage. There are many kinds of garbage and sewage are made by factories that they are extremely harmful for environment like chemical rubbish. If garbage isn’t recycled well it will be harmful for environment. In addition many factories polluting seas and rivers with their sewage and these activities kill many kinds of submarine animals. New efficient recycle ways should be found. Destroying forest by cutting trees without reforesting is another harmful activity.

Trees give us oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and they are the habitats for many kinds of animals. If the amount of woods decreases, the percentage of carbon dioxide will increase and the extinction of some animals will happen. Forests are the heart of the earth and we have to concern about the increasing of them. As a conclusion, earth is our settlement and it is also the habitat of many animals. We have to care for it. Some habits of human beings damage environment.

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Burning fossil fuel cause air pollution and disturb environmental systems. City life and factories make many rubbish and cause air and water pollution that threaten the life of many kinds of animals. Destroying forests decrease the amount of oxygen and increase the amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere. The population of the world and the number of factories are increasing very fast. All summits in all countries, particularly in third world countries, should think and make good decisions and solutions for saving the environment.


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