My passion for hair styling has been a constant interest for me going back as long as I can remember as a young kid, experimenting on my dolls to now being a mom and being able to do different styles on my friends as well as my own children. As a young teen I was teaching myself how to braid and color friends hair. Going to the hair salon was always fun for me, watching and trying to learn how they do all the different colors, styles, and cuts. Being a hair stylist allows you to learn something new every day as your styling someone’s hair each day, a different way.

I have dreams and goals for my future that I am determined to make happen. I have excellent team qualities that I am comfortable working in a small or large team setting which will help me while working in a salon. Aveda is a very reputable hair styling school with a very high employment placement after graduation. I have chosen the Aveda Institute to pursue my hair styling education as it offers more in the program then just hair styling. It will teach more creativity and artistic skills. Aveda also offers advanced classes to continue further with hair styling.

I feel that I will excel in this course as I have always had a passion for hair styling. Upon graduation I plan to work in a salon for a few years to build my cliental and to one day run my own salon. I have previously worked in customer service and sales which allowed me to work directly with customers and the general public with confidentiality. These jobs have provided me with knowledge on giving and excelling in customer service etiquette which should be applied to every client in every situation.

I take great passion in hair styling, people are changing the color, style, cut of their hair everyday and I would like to be there to perform and advise the clients about their hair. A different hair style can change someone’s appearance more than almost any other physical change. After graduation I plan to attend more advanced classes to continue my hair styling training to better my career. As I become an established hair stylist I plan to attend Hair shows and eventually participate in shows as a stylist.

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