Habits make us who we are.  If
you are happy, calm, healthy, balanced, independent and fortunate, then you do
not need to change your habits. Otherwise getting rid of defeatist habits
should become one of your priorities. Habits are controlled
by signals – these are triggers or signals that direct you to act in a certain
way. To form a new habit, you need to create a trigger – something that
your next step will tell. And sometimes it is very difficult for us to stick to
new habits, but we stick to it. What are the triggers that make new habits stick?


When you see chips in your kitchen you just
grab it and start eating. So environment plays the important location to form
or to stick to your habit. So if you want to change something about yourself
then change the location. Hide all unhealthy things of your house in the upper
shelves of the kitchen. Decide the location in your gym from where you can
start your workout, it works as a trigger for you to do workout.

Mental status

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Our many habits are related to our mental
status for example, we go to shopping when we are not feeling good, or had
fight; we eat junk food when we are depressed. Try to use your mental status to
form good habits. Control your feelings and help yourself to stick to your

Surrounding people

People around plays the most important role
when you are trying to form a new habit. For example if you are avoiding the
junk food, but your friends are forcing you to eat just 1 burger, you can’t say
no, so you eat. So, it’s important that people around you should be supporting
you to stick to your habit.


Rewards can also acts as a trigger for you.
Promise yourself that after completing certain task you will give yourself that
you want.  For example- if you are
working out for more than a month avoiding all the junk, sweet food then at the
end of the month reward yourself, allow yourself to eat your favorite
chocolate. Rewards will keep you moving and in greed of reward you will finish
your task fast and with more dedication.


If you are working hard to achieve something
then you should keep record of your moves. And before starting your next day,
read the last day records, it will make you feel motivated, because success and
positive results acts as stimulant to move forward. If it is something negative
then don’t feel sad, just think that you have to work more to achieve your


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