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h. Poor Supervisory Standards   The role of supervision is to explore weaknesses or faults of teachers and showing a harsh treatment in form of transfers to remote areas or even termination from services12. Supervision is the monitoring of teaching and learning. Through effective supervision techniques the process of teaching and learning could be improved. The system of school supervision is aimless.  There is not only lack of supervisory activities in schools but the process of supervision itself does not bring any positive results for teachers and students. Supervision system is concerned with controlling and harassing the teachers rather than providing help and guidance for the improvement of performance 3.   i. Internal and External Influences Education system in Pakistan is not free from external and internal influences. Externally the system has been made hostage to political interference and internally it is plagued by the bureaucratic manipulations 13.  There is a greater favoritism and nepotism in matters of transfers, appointments and promotions. Due to this, the basic infrastructure of the education system in Pakistan has deteriorated a lot 4.j. Lack of Resources Educational resources such as books, libraries and physical facilities are important for running the educational process smoothly and effectively. There are despairingly no facilities of books, libraries and reading materials in most of the educational institutions of the country. Besides, there are overcrowded classrooms, inadequate teachers and ill-equipped laboratories, which go hand-in-hand to degenerate the educational scenario in Pakistan. This entire grim situation has resulted in a despair and low standard education system 4.   k. Policy Implementation Since the inception of Pakistan, a number of education policies were created. There has been lack of political will on the part of successive government to implement the policies vigorously. The policies were highly ambitious but could not be implemented in their true spirit. There has been a problem of corruption, lack of funds and gross inconsistency in successive planning on the part of various political regimes in Pakistan. Moreover, in the overall policy formulation teachers have been ignored. They are regarded as unimportant element which has led to alienation between the teachers and the system of education 1.   l. Low Budgetary Allocation For Education Finance is considered the engine of any system. The education system of Pakistan has been rendered crippled mainly due to lack of financial support. The successive governments have been giving less than 2.5 percent budget to the education sector which is not sufficient for the growing educational needs of the nation in the present changing times. In many of the developing regional countries, such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh the budget allocation for education has increased. But in Pakistan, it is declining day by day 7.   According to International Crisis group, Pakistan is amongst the 12 countries in the world that spend less than 2 percent of their GDP on education sector 3. With this insufficient budget allocation, the country is hardly going to meet the targets of generalization of primary education as a signatory to the Dakar Conference’s MDG goals by 2015 and onward.   m. Corruption Among other causes, corruption is the main contributing factor which has deeply affected the education system of Pakistan 8. There is a weak system of check and balance and accountability which has encouraged many criminal elements to misappropriate funds, abusing one’s authority and giving unnecessary favors in allocation of funds, transfers, promotions and decision making.  According to Transparency International, Pakistan is included in the list of the most corrupt countries of the world 3. Due to low salaries, teachers engage in all type of unfair means during examinations and at other times just to keep their heads above water.   CONCLUSIONThis paper concludes that education develops and grooms people in all domains of life such as social, moral, spiritual, political and economic. It is a dynamic force which enables every nation to achieve its overall national goals. It is an established fact that countries with a sound system of education provide a sound social and political system. With effective educational systems many countries are currently playing a strong role in the comity of nations. Not only are they enjoying their liberty but are also politically as well as economically free and developed.  But from assessing Pakistan’s educational system, it can be clearly observed that it is rotten to the core. The education system of Pakistan has not been able to play its role effectively in nation building. This factor has contributed towards building up of frustration among the Pakistani society. The future generation of Pakistan is directionless due to deplorable condition of education system, which has drastically failed to raise the nation on sound economic, social, political and moral grounds. The directionless system of education is producing myriad of degree holders who are deficient in high-order thinking skills such as reflection, critical thinking, analysis, research and creativity. The education system instead has focused on feeding the individuals with outdated information and knowledge which is less relevant to the current rapidly changing world. Students coming out of the Pakistani education system are theoretically sound but have no skills required in the practical fields, which is the result of the traditional methods of teaching and learning.   Finally by taking into account the flaws of educational system of Pakistan, this study concludes that the there is an urgent need to reform Pakistan’s system of education because if left unnoticed and unaddressed, it can lead to serious long lasting issues that may infect the nation in a long run. For this purpose this study also presents recommendations so, these issues can be dealt with.RECOMMENDATIONS  1. Implementing Uniformity in Education:It has been already discussed that there is a lack of uniformity in the curriculum. Government should develop policies to design some specific curriculum keeping in mind the general public. Syllabus should be properly approved by educational department and should be uniform for all schools and colleges. This will help in bringing all the students to a same level. a