In this research project I am going to look at how gun crime affects the way the society is running and also how violence, drugs and other criminal offences etc control each any every ones life in some way. This is an important issue in sociology because people believe in laws and the government can not protect them selves, so they carry weapons to protect them selves, this is an issue that people is society deal with now.

I have chosen this topic because it is interesting topic and due to living in the area that these things happen within I want to find out what people around think about gun crime and also the reason why society is creeping into American culture of guns. Some sociologists say that ethnic minority tend to take part in gun crime this is mainly of the status in their society, low paid employment, urban areas (ghetto). Other sociologists say that they cannot succeed in life there for they turn to crime and violence.

I suggest that each individual has its own mind, however the area you live in and the kind of education each person receives does have an affect but there is more to life then depending on others. No matter how much peer pressure you get you still need to be unique. My hypothesis is to evaluate if five years is enough of a sentence to be caught carrying a gun in the UK because I want to see what views people have about what is happening out on the streets and also is there a way to tackle it. I will test the hypothesis by investigating views of other people of different ages and background to come to my conclusion.


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