CASE STUDY – 1 Synopsis ————————————————- Grove Fresh Ltd – Marketing Organic Juice Submitted to:- Submitted By:- Shailendra Dasari Vikas Singh 11BSP1706 Manish Singhania 11BSP1449 Sandeep Soni 11BSP1859 Ravi Shekhar 11BSP1575 Introduction * In April 2005, Grove Fresh Ltd was ranked 68th in the Fast Track 2005 Profit Track 100. * The company registered a 52 % year-on-year growth in its profits in 2003. * The company was also admired for its high-quality products and innovative marketing.

Abstract * Grove fresh ltd was the major player in the UK organic juice market. The case describes the origin and growth of the company. * The case also describes the product pricing, distribution, promotion, policies of the company. * It ends with the brief discussion , the challenges and future perspective of the company. Background * GF Ltd was founded by John Taylor in 1994. * It was an organic fruit juice manufacturing company. * GFL became the 1st company to market organic juices in the UK. Issues To gain insight into the organic juice market in the UK. * To understand the product, pricing, distribution and promotion. * To analyse the opportunities and challenges in the organic juice market. * GFL facing supply shortages of organic juice. Analysis * PRODUCT * It is a purely a herbal product made of natural fruits and vegetables. * GFL introduced varieties of its juice combination. * PRICING * Surveys indicated that customers were willing to pay a premium of 20-30 % for organic products over conventionally grown products. GFL followed a premium pricing approach. * Company maintained price parity with competitors. * DISTRIBUTION * Grove sold its product through supermarket chains. * It also sold its merchandise through e-retailers. * PROMOTION * Ad agency HDM Total Communications was engaged for promotions and marketing. * Company distributed free samples of its juices. * GFL released a set of 4 posters. Challenges * Increase of competitors * Shortage of fruit supply * Analyzing of fruit were not done as per the standards. * Pricing Solutions Widen your vendors (suppliers) base, have annual contracts. * They should have maintained quality of their product as per the soil association standards. * They planned to give away free samples of its juices to persuade customers to switch to organic juices but they didn’t. * When their market were going down, they should have increased the volume of the organic juice by 20-30 % at the same price for some period of time. * They should have made their logo more attractive. * They should have gone with some celebrities to promote their products.

Self –Assessment Sandeep Soni :- In this case study, I learnt that…. * How to approach a case study. * How to work in a group. * How to discuss issues, problem and solution. Vikas Singh:- As it was my first case study, I learnt …… * How the 4P’s are essential for the development of a company’s product. * I analyse that how a company can suffer a slow down when it is going on a good pace. * And also it was a good experience of working in group. Manish Singhania:- As I went through my first case study , I experienced……. How to go through a case study, how to analyse the issues , problems and recommendations. * I got to know about the 4P’s in the marketing world. * I also learnt to discuss well in group. * How can we approach in market if the company have on-going issues. Ravi Shekhar:- * If I should launch a product in market, first of all, I will see, what type of product is demanded into the market. * We should always try to provide a best quality product into the market. * Always think a positive impact about the product.


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