Groups 1 and 2 begin taking the recording on Thursday,
December 14, 2017, at KL period in room 11. The simulation video takes time
approximately 2 hours to complete. Before taking the record, we prepare for the
things we need, for example, the camera, the lighting effects, the scenario,
the clothes, and the teaching materials. For the simulation, we use “Direction”
as the subject for teaching.

everything is well-prepared, the recording simulation video for Classroom
Management course is ready to start. As the recording is finished and being
edited by our friend, a few days later, the video was shared with friends.
Then, I made the analysis related to the advantages and disadvantage in setting
up the class. So, here is my analysis:

The Advantages:

First, the
teacher taught a lesson about Direction, for example, the definition of
Direction and how to use Direction to give guidance to students in case if
there are people that still don’t know what direction they should take to reach
the place, so the students can help them out. Then, the teacher gave a mini-game
and divided students into two groups of discussion. Each group will role as a
guide and other become a person that is being guided to. The rule of the game
is to guide a person to reach his or her destination.

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Second, at the
time of the game, the students become energized in following the lesson. This
can be seen when each group raced quickly to be able to know which direction to
go and win the game.

these two methods that are used by the teacher is good. It can form a good
teamwork on each group and also give students a prior knowledge about how to
use direction which gives guidance of people so the students can implement it in
the real life situation when they encounter people who need to be guided to
certain places.

The disadvantages:

First, the one
whose role as a teacher seems to be lack of confidence. She spoke slowly and
sometimes don’t make eye contact with her students. She also only explained the
subject in front of the class without making an approach to the students at the
back. So, the teacher movement seems to be inflexible.

Second, the lack
application of these two methods is, sometimes the two groups were confused
guiding his or her friend to the exact location as the clue given. As a result,
the game became difficult and confusing.

teaching methods by including a mini-game for the learning process is good and
teamwork skills are still needed to be improved to increase the chance rate of
success. What needs to consider is, as a guide we must be able to deliver the
information as simple as it can be, so it wouldn’t make the person confused.

conclusion is, learning Direction such as the definition of it and how the way
we use it properly to guide people is a really important thing. We can also
implement the knowledge in the real-life situation when we meet with tourists
that need to be guided to and from that, we can use it as a part-time job while
we improve our English skills, such as Pronunciation, Vocabulary, and Grammar.










Analysis video
in the form of essay

Part II

Groups 3 and 4

3 and 4 begin taking the recording on Monday, December 11, 2017, at EF period
in room 11. The simulation video takes time around 2 hours to complete. Before
taking the record, as usual, everything needs to be prepared, such as the desks
and chairs for the teacher and students, the clothes they wear. Both groups
mostly use EED clothes as their clothing. The teaching materials presented by
both groups are “Simple Present Tense and Simple Past Tense.”

after they finished both recording and editing. A week later the file was
shared by the groups, and then I watch it and made the analysis related to the advantages
and disadvantages of managing the class. Here is my analysis:

The advantages:

First, at the
start of the lesson, the teacher uses the singing method and small motion
movements while calling the word LOVE to make students fascinated and the
learning atmosphere becomes more vibrant.

Second, the teacher
also makes students involved in learning by asking about the meaning of Simple
Present Tense and Simple Past Tense, then the teacher explained back to the
students by using her own sentences. After that, the teacher makes two examples
of sentences that has the same meaning but in a different time to make students
know the difference between the uses of both tenses.

Third, as
always, to apply the method of student-centeredness, the teacher divided
students into two groups of discussion that consist of 4 people in each group.
Each group will be asked to make two sentences which have the same meaning but
in a different time.


First, student
desk and seating arrangements are still not tidy and inefficient. There are
some students who sit alone without a companion beside them. Desks that serve
as a place to write turned into a place to put bags and some students also look
less enthusiastic in following the learning process.

The character of
the teacher seemed fierce, scornful and arrogant. She don’t look at the students
when she was calling student’s name. The teacher also don’t provide the textbooks
for the learning process, so the learning process becomes not well-organized.

These two groups
don’t have a class leader, so how will the teacher be able to coordinate with
the class if there is important thing that needs to be delivered?

conclusion is, learning materials presented by these two groups is nice, and
that is about Simple Present Tense and Simple Past Tense. The character of the
teacher is assertive, arrogant and hard-talking as if to scold the students.
The way students dress varies, there are some students who are neat, and there
are some who don’t. From the facial expressions, some students are enthusiastic
with the recording process, while others look lazy. The spirit of the teaching
teacher does not match the spirit of the students being taught.


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