You got an idea for Mobile App.

you are looking for hire a mobile app developer or firm or have a friend that
code it. Right, Super!

did it and then send it into the market and it flops. Terrible! But Why?

Worry, I will tell you the answer because I hear this story at least once in a
month from startups to small and big business, this is a common story. And it
is usually because they did not test properly their mobile application for,
well, anything.

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you be surprised if I told you a truth about app developers that very few
mobile apps developer test their mobile apps before release? Well, Only 8% of
developers go through crucial QA processes – SDTimes.

don’t know whether or not app development firms or individual developers have a
tester for doing testing, but based on my experience as a mobile app tester I have
personally encountered so many bugs in the mobile app market. 

app testing can be an art and it is too difficult task because of different
mobile operating systems, device sizes, and usage scenarios.

this article we list a few suggestions to make your mobile testing, and
ultimately your app deployment, more successful. These tips will help startups
to more experienced business. The article will also be useful for developers,
product and project managers, and for anyone who would like to improve both
product quality and inter-departmental relations.

the rest of the article we’ll be learning some simple yet effective tips on
mobile app testing that will help you build mobile apps effectively. For your
app to be a success, it needs to perform testing. That means no crashing, no
lag, and no excuses. And in final your app user love it and not uninstall your

a mobile app has its own nuances and challenges.

we go!

1.     Seriously! Test your
competitor’s app before doing testing on your app – this will help you to find
out and understand what they have got right and how your app could be


2.     Setup a testing timeline
– Set up your testing time sheet with the development phase, it’s a best
practice to start testing at least once a week, to check all functionalities are
working together.


3.     Test Target OSs and Their
Versions – Some mobile app developer use emulators for application testing. And
it is pretty good because an emulator is a powerful tool that makes app testing
easier and cheaper. However, emulators lack many features and it is not test an
app on different version and devices. Make sure to test your app on the
operating systems you need to support using the actual physical devices (e.g.
phones and tablets). Each operating system has more than one version available
in the market. If your app is designed to work only on iOS 9 and later, you’ll
still need to test for versions 9.1, 9.2 etc.


4.     Test Your App GUI – We
all know that our app design is the first element that user see and we also
know that designing for all screen sizes especially for Android devices is a
big challenge and difficult? It is very important for you to ensure that your
app boasts a user-friendly interface. You need to ensure that all the models of
smartphone the app will support and test your app in each screen size on each


5.     Test your application with
different Internet speeds and make sure your app testing includes slow
connections — and fast ones — to make sure the experience is OK at every speed.
Because sometime app does not respond in slow connection and user uninstalled the
app before using it.


6.     Test Battery Consumption
– Research showed that 55% of users have experienced issues with apps that apps
consume their phone battery more quickly than expected. For this reason, it’s
important your app testing includes a look at battery consumption.


7.     Test how your app works
with other phone features. Sometime apps create a problem in mobiles like not receive
a phone call, not receive other notification don’t forget that a mobile phone
is still a phone — test your app that when your app is active, the phone you’re
testing on still can receive a phone calls and other system notifications. Also
make sure that your app doesn’t cause problems for other apps.



“You only get one chance
to make a first impression.” – Unknown

make your app successful and earn more money you should develop a bug and error
free app, it is important to test your app to ensure that it works well
according to your and your users’ expectations. If not, you may lose a lot of
potential customers. In this Article, I’ve listed some really simple tips on
mobile app testing worth considering. If you have any tips on how to help
others to test mobile apps? Leave a comment below.


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