Google track what audience is visiting the website

Google Analytics is a perfect solution for e-commerce – buying and
selling of goods and services over the internet. Levi’s makes great use of
Google analytics, and its customers are an object of Levi’s information search
in the e-commerce battle for consumer dollars. Based on the data generated by
Google Analytics, Levi’s is able to see if its online store is generating quick
sales, and if not, just how far potential buyers are making it through the site
before they move on to something new or leave it (Gill, 2013, para. 3). Google
Analytics allows Levi’s to get more insight of what is happening when a user is
shopping for something, demographic data of customers, where they are coming
from, and if they engage with their content or leave immediately (Gill, 2013).

All the information generated by Google Analytics is used to find new
customers, evaluate Levi’s marketing efforts, and make marketing decisions.

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Leading electronic manufacturers such as Samsung found features
offered by Google Analytics helpful, and the company is actively using this
tool to run its website and online store. Samsung is able to track analytics to
see which of its products are more viewed and generating buzz. Samsung uses
this information to change around page displays based on popularity, the number
of views, and relative importance of each of its phones to other products on
the landing page (Gill, 2013). Google Analytics collects information about how
visitors use its site. This information includes the number of visitors to the
site, where visitors have come to the site, from, and the pages they visited
(Gill, 2013). Samsung uses the information to compile reports and improve the
site. Especially with the holiday season coming up, optimizing its site has
great marketing importance (Gill, 2013).

Google analytics is the top analytics tool to track what audience is
visiting the website on a daily basis. General Electric uses Google Analytics
to track what country their site visitors are coming from (Gill, 2013). “This
provides General Electric with a rich insight into where market demands are
arising and how to better cater their web pages to different languages. General
Electric is using this insight to equip their web pages with different language
options and adapt their presence based on different countries and cultures”
(Gill, 2013). Without Google Analytics, this task would be nearly impossible.