Is There a Good Reason to Be Impolite(Rude) to Another Person

Have you ever been scolded by your parents when you made mistakes? Have you ever felt exhausted when you repressed your upset and nervous over a long period? Or have you ever been mad to someone who interrupted your daily life or cheated you? If you have never had such experience, you would never know that some impolite behaviors are inevitable in certain situations. First of all, being Impolite or rude to another person Is sometimes helpful for people. We may take children for example, do you still remember when you were a child who as not mature enough to recognize mistakes by yourself.

Though you have been told for many times never do that thing again, you just neglected all those warning and insisted making mistakes. What would your parents do? Of course, most parents will take some actions which may be more or less rude while very useful, like spanking and scolding. When little childern were frightened by their parents’ behavior, they would have no courage to make the same mistakes again next time. In another word, some impolite behavior is a necessary part for children to form good abits and get rid of bad behaviors.

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There are lots of similar situations during our life time, like when we berated by teachers or loudly shouted by boss. Second, to be Impolite or rude could help people keep healthy and maintain a balanced mind. Nowadays, many people repress their pressure and upset until feel exhuasted. Most people are told to be polite and courteous In public. so that they have no chance to express their true feeling and emotion. Especially for some officers, they need to set a well-mannered example for other employees in the ompany, at the same time, plenty of pressure surround them as if with a flood.

It is not rare that many middle-aged offcers suffer from depression because of repressing upset emotions. So, to be impolite occasionally when feeling depressed Is a way good way to relax oneself and feel happy. Third, when other individuals are interrupting our daily life and challengeing our toleration, being ill-mannered to them cannot be scolded. For eaxmple, one of my roommates Amy talked with her boyfriend every night on the internet till mid-night. At first, I tried to tolerate her behavior and understand her feeling.

However, talking with boyfriends till mid-nlght and making lound noisy has been a common behavior, and this way really Influenced our daily life. Especially for me, who was prepare for Toefl test at that time. I talked to her and expressed my discontent, while she just said taking with her boyfriends is her freedom and it is none of my business. Later I went mad and shouted to her, though I know this way is not suitble and that means I would lose a friend, I had no chance but be rude to express my feeling.

Admittedly, courtesy Is a virtue that many people have been appreciating. One of my Moreover, being courteous is a traditional virtue for Chinese people. There are many stories written by our ancesstors told us to be polite and modest. However, being courteous does not mean tolerate everything, expressing your feeling ocassionally would be a better choice in some situations. To put it in a nutshell, there are some good reasons to be impolite to another person because it is good for people’s growth and mental health. Also, expressing discontent might be helpful for each part.