The Good Effects of Technology

What is technology? According to Venom & Wortzel (1997, pp. 130), technology is an application scientific knowledge that can help the human to solve a problem, achieving a goal and as a method of organization to improve a preexisting solution to a problem. For example, the things that we have often used such as washing machine, cell phone, and computer are a kind of technology. Nowadays, technologies significantly affect human life and the technologies have brought a lot of changes to the human life.

Technology lets people improve the way of their live and help the people to preserve their energy in doing works and focus on the really important factors in life. As a result, technology brings a lot of good effects to us and we have gained benefits from the using of technologies. But, what are the good effects of technology? Venom & Wortzel (1997, pp. 393) claimed that firms have become technology dependent and they must develop technology in order to stay competitive. In today globalize world, it is difficult to think of many products that do not either embody sophisticated technology or use it in manufacture of that product.

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This is mainly because technology has become an ever more important component of competitive advantage. Firms could use the help of technology to help them promote their own products and to let more people know their products deeply. Like some big companies, they sell their own manufactured products online to those customers who are interested. This are the trend nowadays as a lot of people are willing to shop online without leaving their comfortable home. Increasingly, technology needs to be developed and used by those firms who are wanted to stay competitive.

As we see now, technology gives the firms a great business opportunity to improve their business. A company that has no technology background will be gradually eliminated by other firms that fully equipped with technology strategy in management as well as in business also. Therefore, the main requirement for a firm to stay competitive is to develop technology. Corrall Sheila (2000, pp. 213-215) claimed that technology also can be used to improve efficiency or effectiveness.

Technology has undoubtedly ontributed to efficiency and effectiveness in speeding up transaction processing times, enabling more complex searches and probably reducing error rates. For example, library work covers a lot of repetitive tasks and with the help of machines, difficult tasks can be done easily. Machines do not get bored or tired, is less easily distracted and generally more accurate than their human counterparts. Over the past few years, ICT tools are used by companies to help them streamline their business process and thus improve the effectiveness. According to Mccoy, William (2010), student can also improve the efficiency in learning.

Students now can use internet to find their sources for doing their assignment or some learning materials. Students can also use the internet or digital encyclopedias to obtain the research they need. Besides, not every school has the resources and budget to send its students on field trips related to their courses of study. Because of having technology, students can use the internet to attend the web seminar that that offered by some education institutions to facilitate the students in learning. As a result, technology not only can improve the effectiveness in business field, it has also contributed in the education field.

In addition, another effect that bring by technology is the communication has redefined as cellular communication has revolutionized the communication industry. Before the telephone is invented by the Alexander Graham Bell, people send their messages through several ways such as telegraph, postal mail and birds. According to Oak, Manali (2012), mobile phones have broadened the horizons of communication by enabling convenient long-distance calling and mobile use. Todays, many people have their own mobile phones to let them communicate with the others in anytime and anywhere.

Messages and emails have become the easiest way to connect. Moreover, technology has made it easy to keep in touch with old contacts, and hence help us to strengthen and maintain the relationships. Thus, technology has bring convenient to all the people in communicate with others. In conclusion, there are many good effects that bring by technology. I could not imagine the life without technology as technology has become a part of our life. We use technology to improve effectiveness besides making the communication among the others easier.