evening everybody, my name is Yazan

Shams. I live in Jeddah, Saudi
Arabia and I am joined by all of you people today for one

reason, which is because I am
going to be

talking to you about G.M.O crops
and weather I speak for it or against it. Before I start talking to you and
getting into the details, is there any of you who don’t know what G.M.O crops are? I

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see a hand over there so let me
explain. G.M.O

crops are basically Genetically
Modi?ed Crops.

How can crops be related to
genetics and how can it be genetically modi?ed? I’ll tell you everything right now.

In the last several years we have
seen some strange genetically modi?ed
organisms. For example, pigs that glow in the dark, chickens without feathers
and even

goats that produce spider silk
proteins. But what really

gets people curious is
genetically modi?ed foods. Now

I’m going to tell you how it all started. About 10000 years ago,
people ?rst started demesticating animals and cultadating plants for food by
picking organisms with desirable trades and mating them over and over

again. A very good example is
corn, which started out

as a tropical grass called
teosinte. Before thousands of

years, farmers in Mexico
transformed the grass into corn. We now know that these farmers were
manipulating the DNA of the teosinte plant.

Farmers use GMO crops to change
the taste or looks off a speci?c
crop. Before thousands of years it would take months or weeks to plant a single
crop, but now due to

modern Genetic modi?cations. It would take it for me one

day or slightly more to plant a
crop. For me I would never speak for GMO crops I would only speak against it

because it has many disadvantages
and why should we change how a crop looks or tastes. The ?rst

disadvantage that makes me
against GMO crops is the amount of allergic reactions a curing d The ?rst

disadvantage that makes me against
GMO crops is the amount of allergic reactions taking place. The biggest

affect off GMO foods towards
humans is allergic reaction.

This allergic reaction takes part
when a certain protein enters the body and stimulates an immune response.

Slightly over eight percent of
the worlds deaths are from allergies that

come from genetically modi?ed crops.

Even though genetically modi?ed crops cause allergies not all the

allergies do come from

modi?ed crops some of them come

from nuts, certain foods. Etc.

excellent reason that helps me
speak against genetically modi?ed
crops is release of tocins to soil.



As you can see, the
disadvantages of GM crops are definitely much larger than simply harming our
health. In terms of its environmental effects, toxicity is a huge issue
concerning GM crops. One particular example is the  Corn(Bacillus Thuringensis Corn), which
is widely known for its pest controlling ability.

Another excellent reason that can help me state the fact
that genetically modified crops are bad is the disruption of biodiversity. The
production of GMO foods imposes very high risks to the disruption of biodiversity. This is because of the “better”
traits that are being produced from engineering genes can result to the
favoring of one organism. Furthermore, the introduction of the genetically
modified organisms can eventually and suddenly disrupt the natural process of
gene flow.


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