I have always tried to make God the priority in my life. I’m not very good at it, but I always try. I love to help others out and lend a helping hand. I was raised in church all my life, but it has always been hard for me to get into it. My youth group was really small, and I always saw it as a chore. Then Rustin invited me to Oneighty. I loved it. I have been going for almost 3 years now, and I want to be able to give back what I have been blessed with. Oneighty changed my life. I want to be able to come closer to the Lord and understand him better.

Ever since Rustin invited me that first night, my life has changed. I have always enjoyed serving others and helping out when needed. I learn better hands on. Being a part of the learning will teach me so much. I want to be able to help everyone out. I know that disciplining others will also help me to be a better Christian. I am not the strongest Christian right now, but I know that being more involved will help me to be stronger. I know deep in my heart that I need the lord and everyone does too, but its hard to live that life. I fall into temptation very easily and getting more involved in church will help me make the right decision. I have a gift in leading others. I believe the lord wanted me to lead others. I have never been a follower at anything. I have always wanted to be the one in charge and telling what to do.

For me, Oneighty is my place of escape. At school there are so many distractions from nonchristians. I want to get more involved in ministry and I believe Oneighty is the place for me. I am about to go to graduate and go to college, and I know there are so many distractions there. I need a place I can go to during the school year to help me stay in touch with God during the year. I am not very good at going to new churches and I know Oneighty completely believes in God and teaches only the truth. I want to continue going to Oneighty for as long as possible.


I'm Dora!

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