GoCart experience over pricing so GoCart’s one-on-one interactions

GoCart is a delivery grocery company
that started in February of 2017. When customers enter onto GoCart.com they are
prompted to create an account. They then have the ability to easily sift
through the website and purchase their grocery items (like they would on any
other shopping website), all for a small delivery fee of $4.95. The GoCart
motto is to help hard-working families spend more time together, especially at
the dinner table. GoCart delivers a wide assortment of quality groceries
directly to the customers’ homes; making it convenient, affordable, and personable.


GoCart’s major competitors are
Walmart, Amazon, InstaCart who also have delivery grocery services and are trusted
among many. These brand name services have hidden fees, are expensive, have a
long delivery time, and don’t have good customer service. GoCart is able to
offer the customer no hidden fees, great customer service, and delivery in a
little as 1 hour or place an order 5 days in advance of delivery. This is because
they have their own warehouse and are able to take out the middle man.

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Their target audience includes: Middle
to upper income mothers with children still living at home and elderly/handicap.
Although their population is limited it grants the company time to focus and
develop a resilient strategy to expand in the future.


Due to the small nature of GoCart’s
business, leaders and managers have much more time to pay attention to every
client individually through different marketing platforms. Modern consumers
value experience over pricing so GoCart’s one-on-one interactions is favorable
to the consumers.








Inc. is a delivery grocery store located in Corona, CA. GoCart operates in
house, all grocery items on the website are items that they house in their own
warehouse. This takes out the middle man and allows for fast delivery. Due to
its fairly recent start up GoCart only services customers within a 15-20-mile
radius of their warehouse, this includes cities such as Corona, Riverside, and

only is GoCart a new business it is also a fairly new concept to the marketplace.
With it being an unknown brand and an unknown concept marketing must be used to
express the goals and objectives of the company. In order to make new and
maintain existing customers, the target audience needs to have a solid
understanding of what the company does and how exactly it works. Marketing is
the most important way to communicate the company’s value proposition to
customers in an interesting and exciting way. Consumer education and marketing
go hand and hand.











Target Audience/Competitors

collected from 243 US consumers who currently buy their groceries online shows
that the majority of online users are younger than 55 years of age, female, and
reported annual incomes of $70,000 or more. Over 70 percent reported
convenience and saving time as their primary reasons for buying groceries
online, 15 percent cited physical or constraint issues that made it difficult
for them to shop at grocery stores. Of the respondents, 19 percent bought all
of their groceries online.

target audience is middle to upper income mothers with children in the home and
the elderly/handicap. According to the study above GoCart’s target audience are
the exact consumers in need of their services. Social media’s ability to be
highly customizable through Facebook ads allows businesses to target users by their
location, education level, age, gender and purchase history etc. GoCart was
able to choose the exact audience and create content for that audience.
GoCart’s target audience being, mothers ages 22-45 with children still living
at home and living in the Corona, CA area. Frequently engaging the target
audience has resulted in more website visits, sign ups and sales. The constant
reengagement of consumers on social media has helped GoCart stay in the public

loyalty is harder to come by. An active social media presence creates more
loyal customers. the consumers are able to view the company in a more
personable light, they began to want to be a part of what they perceive as
GoCart being a unified group who share the same vision.

data surveillance the GoCart team was able to pin point what was working and
what wasn’t working and then move forward accordingly. Implementing and
withdrawing different marketing strategies. One of the main things that helped
promote sales was not only constant engagement through the internet but also
engagement that was targeted specifically to their target audience through
understanding their culture. Instead of trying to change the behaviors of the
consumers GoCart learned how to utilize them to their advantage. The content
that was being posted on social media, sent out through flyers and emails was
specifically curated for women with children living at home. The pictures,
videos and phrases in the captions were more geared towards saving “the busy
moms” time and money which according to the Huffington Post, time and money is
one of the most important things to mothers with young children who are usually
very busy.
















Service Benefits

social media marketing, and visual aids all have a significant direct effect on
customer behavioral intentions to purchase again. The relationships between the
predictor variables and customer behavioral intentions differ across grocers. This
supports the idea that grocers utilizing different operational strategies
should focus attention on different facets of their business and provides
insight as to where efforts should be directed.

shopping is a growing trend because it is convenient for people with busy
lives. However, when it comes to grocery shopping people are worried about the
freshness and quality of the food that will be delivered, many people want to
be in control of the foods they put in their bodies. With GoCart customers have
the ability to pick their food to specification, example they can choose how
ripe they would like their produce etc. Customers may also order 24/7, they can
have their items delivered little as 1 hour or order 5 days in advice. GoCart
uniquely offers customers high quality items and fresh foods, they avoid crowds
and lines, have personable customer service and flexible prices.

big advantage of ordering groceries online is that the customer can browse
virtually the shopping aisles 24/7 without leaving the comfort of their home.
Shopping online helps save money on spending gas and groceries and avoids
impulse buys. By using GoCart delivery, customers make more efficient choices while

delivers fast and at a low cost, they have the ability to do this because they
work out of their own distribution center. Located in the corona area. The
distribution center houses thousands of popular brand names and fresh products,
all ready for immediate delivery. GoCart’s goal is to eliminate the frequent
back and forth to and from the grocery store, to save customers time and money.

Break Throughs

June 2017 GoCart decided to implement a marketing strategy. Prior to June,
GoCart did not have much of a marketing department. The company made efforts to
engage with their customers through minimal use of email, Facebook, and
Instagram. Although the company was present on all these platforms they did not
remain active. Due to the demands the company faced as a startup not a lot of
focus was given to marketing efforts. The company focused more on payroll,
inventory, sales customer service etc. These are significant efforts, but the
company significantly lacked a steady marketing plan.

GoCart failed to realize early on is that their brand and product is being
heavily affected by competition. GoCart’s competition being Instacart, Vons
delivery, Walmart delivery, AmazonFresh etc. There are many different brands
and products out there, the problem lies when all these brands and products are
only targeting one particular subgroup, this creates competition, competition
where GoCart did not have the upper hand.

choices for consumers have increased which causes loss of brand loyalty, which
is a good and bad thing with respect to GoCart. Good because many consumers who
are used to buying products from the “big guys” can just as easily leave them
and go with GoCart but those same consumers can also leave GoCart if something
is done that they don’t like. The way to fight against this competition is to
offer better products and build a better process so that the customer is
thoroughly satisfied and sticks with the GoCart product/brand.

the first four months, GoCart made mediocre efforts to post on social media
accounts, send out emails and engage with consumers through marketing
strategies. They felt as though they needed to increase their engagements
online. When I was hired, the marketing assistant it was my responsibility to
manage daily social media presence and implement strategies to improve social
media reputation and recognition, guide day to day activities of inhouse and
outhouse marketing tactics, create campaigns, emails and posts, lastly, analyze
weekly email, social media and competitor data and implement improvement.
Through the implementation of these strategies there was a visible change in
website engagements and sales.

of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook. The
chart below expresses the number of sales GoCart had between the months
February 2017 – October 2017, before and after avid social media engagements.

of sales:

•           February: 81

•           March: 135

•           April: 111

•           May: 93

•           June: 107

•           July: 153

•           August: 181

•           September: 174

•           October: 234




















engagement is the core of any successful business, especially small businesses.
Marketing solves the question of how to keep the “conversation” going after a
customer has ordered once or twice. In the past face-to-face interactions made
up most of the business engagements. In this day and age technology is moving
at a rapid pace. To ensure the growth of a business a consistent marketing
strategy is necessary. Current customers should always be the main priority,
marketing effects can also help expand the customer base. What may seem like
little efforts of posting on social media and email campaigns can be very
engaging to present and new customers. Marketing secures the businesses future
through new and old customer engagements.

today is much less expensive than it has been in the past. It is now easy to
make a Facebook, Instagram etc. and begin free marketing strategies. Social
media platforms and email campaigns have made reaching out to consumers a more
inexpensive possibility. For small businesses, like GoCart, technological
marketing can help even the playing field when it comes to competing against
big name competitors.

is meant to sustain a company’s presence. For this reason, it is important that
businesses interact and engage with their consumers daily in order to maintain
a healthy relationship. Marketing is important because it allows businesses to
maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with their audience. It is
not a one-time fix, it is an ongoing strategy that helps businesses flourish.