The rapid changes in Information Technology (IT) has brought enourmous changes in the companies of each and every country and this made the companies to grow into Multi National Corporations (MNC). MNC’s are the driving force of building and operating the Global Information System (GIS). Intially Information System was focused to bulid and operate within the country. When the MNC companies started emerging globally the information system is also adapted in global context.

A new series of problems are faced by MNC companies due to different culture, language, currencies, laws and investement in information systems and information technology. Competency of MNC companies are different in each and every country. Similarly the information system and information technology vary accordingly. To solve the problems the Information System managers has to think globally and be aware of the local suituation and accept the suituation with possible solutions. Top management of the MNC companies should also be aware of the suituation and must build an IS to keep the companies highly competitive.

In order to overcome this challenges an educational reform has to be made by the MNC companies and the IS managers should obtain help from technical and legal assistants. Introduction: Global Information System is a combination of hardware, software and data used for capturing, managing, analyzing and exhibiting the all forms of geographically researched information. It is defined as any information system used to deliver the data in the defined context which is measured and collcted through worldwide. Multinational companies were the driving force of business globalization.

They locate their business in different countries and the information system helps the organization to perform and innovate the superior coordinate skills in domestic market to achieve its competitive position. Information system in Business: The information system is essential for today’s business due to the emergence of global economy, digital firm and transformation of business enterprise and industrial economies. Information system are foundations of conducting business and it helps for the survival and ability to achieve the business goal.

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It is used as an important tool for achieving the higher levels of efficiency and productivity in business operations. New business models are created to produce new products and services with the help of information system. It provides real time data to the mangers in order to make improved decision making. Business firms invest in information system for the day to day survival of business. Challenges to Information System: The world’s region are existed with different culture and value systems. Information systems provide an oppurtunity for the business in the different economic and technology endowments.

Cultural differences and language barriers are to be overcomed by the business firms in order to survive in the global market. Political risks, differences in tax laws and legal differences makes the firm to stay away from the market. But the information system should be developed to find an oppurtunity from these threats. Information system are essential for conducting business and for the survival of many industries. It plays a vital role for the business firms to maintain the competitive position, market share and to retain the customers. It provides strategic advantage to create new products and services.


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