George Washington’s Chair

I conceive that the sun of George Washington’s chair is rising. I believe it is rising because the sun’s eyes are open. The sun is also a bright yellow color, usually when a sun is rising it is bright. The sun is located at the very top of the chair. When the sun is rising, it rises to the top of the sky. The sun represents a rising nation, which is what the United States is. The United States fought together as one and defeated the Tyrant, and became its’ own nation. The thirteen rays of the sun represent the original thirteen colonies.

Only half of the sun is showing because the rest of the states are to be discovered. The sun’s open eyes are the eyes of the United States’ guardian angel. It is constantly watching us. It represents the government, congress, and the presidents. The government, congress, and the presidents are always watching the nation. They are always trying to discover new ways to improve the nation. It is because of these observational eyes that we are the bright nation we are today. The sun is located at the very top of the chair.

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This means that our nation ought hard and well, and rightfully earned the spot at the top. We came together as one nation, not ruled by anyone. Together we defeated the cruel king that was keeping our nation from being its’ own. That is why the sun is rising at the top of the chair. The thirteen rays of the sun represent the thirteen colonies that started it all. Without the thirteen colonies, the sun wouldn’t be where it is. They were brave, and fought for their independence. They battled through the dark nights, but can always look forward to a bright rising sun the next day.

When a strong nation is given birth to, it is bound to grow, expand, rise, and become stronger. The sun on George Washington’s chair is rising. It is rising because of the bright yellow color, representing the bright nation we are. The sun’s located at the top of the chair. After long fought wars, we overcame all the evils and rose to the top. The open eyes are the waking of a strong nation. A strong nation that will always be at the top, but will continue rising. Because of these reasons I affirm that the sun on George Washington’s chair is a raising sun.