Geography ISPLeen InjadatAl-Taqwa AcademyJan, 23rd, 2018 Renewable Energy and its Benefits IntroductionWhat is “Renewable Energy” and where does it come from? Most of us know the well known sources. For example: solar and wind. But we don’t know the details of each source such as the objective of each source, and the electricity it can generate or even the benefits of each one? As we all know that everything in our daily lives needs energy. For example: our cell phones, cars (gasoline and diesel), heating, and so on. To make our daily lives go the way they are supposed to, then we need to consider a couple of things. We might run out of these energy sources. For example: fossil fuels. That is not the only issue they are also harming our planet. Fossil fuels are the main cause for global warming and climate change so we need to start putting this issue in consideration. What is Renewable Energy?Renewable energy is energy that comes from nature and can be generated again and again and when needed, but we can eventually run out if we don’t sustain it properly. Some examples are solar and wind energy. Renewable energy is now commonly used because it doesn’t harm the environment. Importance of Renewable EnergyTo obtain the future for the next generation we need to stop using fossil fuels and harming our environment. That’s when renewable energy becomes important. If we rely more on natural resources and minimize our use from non renewable resources then we might succeed in our plan. Fossil fuels are not infinite and they might run out. But renewable energy will not run out if we control in properly. Also renewable energy can be recycled such as hydropower. Types of Renewable Resources:Solar –  Solar energy is a form of sustainable energy. It is basically rays from the sun, which is used to generate electricity and heat. Wind –  Wind energy is a type of energy used to make electricity. We use wind turbines to generate electricity when the wind passes through the the turbines it collects energy and one big turbine can generate around 3000 homes. Geothermal –  Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth. It is found deep underground it can be used directly or it can be used to generate electricity. Biomass –  Plant and animal matter can be burned to create heat or it can be used to generate electricity.Hydropower – Hydropower is energy that can be found in flowing water and it creates energy that can be captured and turned into electricity.  Advantages of Renewable EnergyReduced greenhouse gas emissions: Using renewable energy offers a more environmentally friendly way to power homes, without using fossil fuels. Which can reduce the greenhouse gases emissions in our atmosphere.Create jobs:Renewable energy created more jobs. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, thousands of people already work for companies connected with renewable energy. This includes people who work for utility companies as well as those who work for companies that produce parts for utilities, like wind turbines or solar panels. Most Renewable Sources used in OntarioMoving water is the most important renewable energy source in Canada, providing 59.3 percent of Canada’s electricity generation. In fact, Canada is the second largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world.Wind is the second most important renewable energy source in Canada. It accounts for 3.5 percent of electricity generation in Canada.Biomass is the third largest renewable source of Canada’s electricity generation. Its share in Canada’s electricity generation is 1.4 percent.Summary of an Article Canada as a country is improving dramatically. Now renewables are responsible for 66 per cent of Canadian electricity, with 60 percent of all power in Canada coming from hydro. I think that Canadians are looking more deeply into this issue. And beginning to consider this matter to help our next generations. I think that everyone of us should start to think about this issue and go together to help our planet for better lives in the future. Non renewable energy only counts for 16 per cent coming from nuclear power, about 10 per cent from coal and nine per cent from natural gas. So, around 34- 35%. I am predicting in the next couple of years canada will completely rely on Renewable Energy.My Reflection:I think we need to take this issue more seriously because if we don’t then there will be consequences. Also if we don’t start using renewable energy that will lead to harming our Earth and there will be no plan B to look for. If we want this earth to stay for the next generations. We need to start progressing into this matter. Fossil fuels are not infinite people need to understand that. What’s the point. First, fossil fuels harm the environment. Second, They can’t be recycled and third they can run out. On the other side renewable energy is the total opposite. The are infinite, they don’t harm the environment, and finally they can be recycled. If we want to live our life the way we do we can do that we just need to change our habits. Citation: Environmental Science. (2018). Renewable Energy: All You Need to Know., Available at Aid.(2018). Renewable Energy.Available at Daily.(2016). Benefits of Renewable Energy We Need to Consider. Available at Resources Canada. (2017). About Renewable Energy. Vailable at ( 2017). Two-thirds of Canada’s electricity now comes. Available at


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