Generation Today: Evading Marriage or not

The everyday complexities of life coupled with the fast-paced lifestyle the world is in, has created more and more career-oriented individuals. Focusing on personal career growth and development, the more relaxed, domesticated way of living has become more and more oblivious to the people of this generation. This is where the tangled web of reasons regarding the so-called “influx” of “not-the-marrying-type” individuals comes in.

Most of the junior executives and people belonging to the age bracket of 20s, more specifically those falling the age bracket of twenty to twenty-five years old are observed to be tied-up and focused on careers or other things they treat more significant than settling down or as the saying goes walking down the aisle. To further stress this point, and emphasize the current trend among young individuals pertaining to marriage, three reasons are provided.

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First would be to stress the importance of career focus, second is the need to feel “free” and third, the importance of becoming a whole and complete individual, contented with all the aspects of his or her life before sharing it with someone else. Delving into the career focus aspect is best emphasized in order to better understand the individuals of this generation. Career defines the status of an individual, and in this day and age, it is important that one achieves his or her career goals.

Going about the needs and wants of an individual in relation to his or her career is an acceptable reality. Young individuals would want to be secure because the generation today has learned the value of career stability early on. In other words, young executives of today would want to make the best out of every career opportunity available. Maximizing their full potential and achieving the goals they have set for themselves along the way. Second reason would be the need to feel “free”. To this idea, many would object, as it has a negative ring to it. It suggests lack of commitment.

But facing reality, an individual having a spectacular career and having the ability to achieve goals in the future would want to reap the fruits of his or her labor for himself. Naturally, it would be a great feeling to know that whatever success he or she may experience in the future, he can take full advantage of. There is nothing negative with this reasoning. It is how reality of this generation is defined free-spirited, successful and in control of life. The third and last reason to be provided is the relevance of becoming “whole and contented” as an individual.

Young age would usually pertain to uncertainties, hesitations and doubts. It would be wiser to confront all these factors and put them to rest before doing anything else. Twenty five is the age where endless possibilities are presented. Options are given and opportunities are up-for-grabs. This is where everything is a gray area, which suggests that decisions are made and are changed. These reasons are some of the thousands of reasons why people opt to prioritize other things. It is up to every individual to determine that which is relevant.