Gene units represented by those letters in the

Gene sequence codes looks for the amino acids that form
proteins within the DNA strand. Sequencing involves determining the order of
the protein bases. The common chemical units are represented by the letters A,
C, G and T, in the stretch of a DNA strand. The more difficult challenge
will be to decipher what all the chemical units represented by those letters in
the human genome sequence mean. In
general, each gene codes for the production of a single protein, and a gene and
its protein can be related to each other by means of the genetic code.

Therefore, scientists will be able to turn to the DNA sequence of the human
genome and obtain detailed information on both the structure and function of
any gene or protein of interest. In addition, all genes and proteins will be
classified into large family groups that provide valuable clues to their functions. 

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One major concern is over privacy and security of
genomic data. Complicating the privacy issue is the fact that there’s no
clear legal owner of genomic data; that data was found to be unpatentable and,
because it lacks authorship or a creator (legally), cannot be copyrighted.