GAY RIGHTS ACTIVISM BY KPELFREY0003 Gay Rights Two men walking are walking down a busy street peacefully and minding their own business until suddenly they decide to kiss one other openly in a public place. Many automatically stereotype and Judge them and look upon this as weird while others view this as disgust. Some others, whom are known as homophobic actually get angry about it. Is there a problem with has Just occurred? Should the couple be left alone or should something be said? The controversial discussion of gay rights is booming in the world today among all societies.The topic is cloudy who do not prefer that lifestyle or sexual orientation. This is mostly due to the problems a person may have with the issue, the reasons for controversy, and both pros and cons of this issue.

First, as with any other controversial issue there are two sides to each topic. Both sides of the argument with rights have far too many problems for there to be a common ground with the issue were the majority of the population can agree. One main problem, associated with the activism of gay rights is not fought by only words, but by physical means as well.There have been countless gay beatings across the United States. One example of this hate crime took place in November of 2001.

Police stated that the 42 year old gay victim’s injuries included being beaten with a baseball bat. Even though this issue is something is being slowly accepted into todays generation a poll taken reports that nearly 4 out of every 10 homosexuals say that they fear anti-gay violence will be directed personally against the, and over 30% of those polled report that they have been physically attacked simply because they are homosexual


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