‘Gang’ performance as a counterfeit CBI officer. However,

‘Gang’ Review: No Surya Exposed! ‘Gang’ Review: No Surya Exposed! Surya means we have the power of the full power of the police on the silver screen. In his three films like ‘Singam’ 1, 2, 3, Surya’s performance in the eyes of the Sun’s performances has been insignificant. Surya’s latest ‘Gang’ movie was shot in Sankranthi. He played the role of police in the past films and the role played by Cube in the film is the dupattupunte. ‘Gang’ was based on ‘Special 26’ film which was featured in Akshay Kumar’s main role in Bollywood in 2013. Story Four Years ago Have We Worked Out Now? Is it possible to be original? Let’s look at the review of the solar audiences as a fake CBI officer. Tilak (Surya) and Buzhazamma (Ramaykrishna) together form a gang together with some others as fake CBI officers and rumors of fake inklocks and black money at corrupt hands. No one wants to compile, as it is a corrupt money. The activities of these gangs will be head over to Police, CBI and the Department of Income Taxes. Special Officer Shivashankar (Karthik) will come into the field. Why is this gang doing this? What are they doing? Is to look at the screen. Surya’s performance in performance as a counterfeit CBI officer. However, this was not a chance to show powerful dialogues and emotions, as the cunning, duplicate role. However, the sun is good enough for the role. Ramaykrishna is the main member of the gang after Surya in the film Ramya Krishna. Her acting as a cadillous actress, who works as a cunning worker for the cinematic works of the sun. Sadly, Kirti Suresh is the heroine of this film, Kirti Suresh. In fact the film does not need her role. Somehow the hero must have love scenes, so she has to cast her character so that she can have sex. With a limited role, sin performance is also unlikely. Senior actor Karthik fake up in the role of Powerful Officer in the role of Shiva Shankar, a senior CBI officer who is trying to play the CBI ‘gang’. Other actors did justice to their roles. Brahmanandam looks like this in a scene. Brahmi is a scene in the film editing. Directed by director Vignesh Sivan, the story of ‘Special 26’ in Hindi has changed the way for South Nativity. But the change he made in the film is nothing but the change of places and places. In the film, he has become disturbed to show his specialty. The screenplay did not impress the ‘Gang’ movie screenplay. There should be a thrill screenplay in such films. Where do you miss a connection from the seat? To an anxious viewer. The director failed to evoke this kind of emotion audition. Technical elements do not seem to be so great in terms of cinematic technical aspects. The music provided by Anirudh is not a level. One of the songs is good for the sun fans. Dinesh Krishnan Cinematography Ebay Average. Other technical departments also function in the ordinary rang, rather than the extremity ranges. That feeling is not a person who has lost his job due to corruption … planning a robbery … No one else but they can help them to earn money in jobs, legally it’s wrong … They feel that they can even help get the ‘gang’. Such stories have so far come in South. That is why the audience does not feel like a new story. And yet for the ‘special 26’ allied sisters sitting and sitting in the seat, the fistoff film Fostoff is all about fun scene and tries to get rid of corruption and scrambling scenes from the middle, along with the small comedy scenes in the middle. In the second half of the sequel, the movie will be a royalty with the counter-scene of the hero and gang trying to repel the police plan. Finally, the ‘gang’ failed to reach the audience expectations. Fans of the festivals of the movie festival are not expected to have imagined Routine and Ordinary from Surya. When ‘Special 26’ was released in 2013, Surya would have been a workout if this film was made? But now the story is very old and the audience is very hard to get to appreciate