To start my project I have chosen that I would do a spreadsheet for a games rental shop. This shop would be renting out games for people to borrow over a period of 3 nights. If the games are brought back later than the due in date then there will be a fine of �1 every night. I think choosing to do a games rental shop is quite a good choice because it would involve lots of calculations. I think that excel would be very suitable software to use for this games shop as it would give me all the calculations and results and graphs.I am going to have a stock sheet on excel and another sheet which involves the sales and late charges. I will be calculating things such as adding up sales and late charges and adding up. Excel is the best program to calculate because I would be using its features to calculate. Using formulas you can calculate the whole database in a second.These are the sorts of calculations that we can get from excel:* Average sales per week* Most rented game* Adding up the number of rentals in a week* Working out the profit* Fine charges etc.* Using graphs to present results betterI can use excel to get results such as the most rentals in the week of a single game using a bar chart. Get results for the fine charges of the week again using bar charts and I can also use a pie chart to see the best renting title. Excel also has a function called sort. If there is almost 200 games on my database and next to them it tells you how many times this title has been rented out then all you have to do is click sort and it would tell you in order of what the best renting title is.Rather than an ordinary database program people prefer spreadsheets because it’s good for storing and retrieving. It can do calculations very fast and efficient. Excel also with the use of formulas is better than word processor or a database program.My end user would use the spreadsheet that I will design. My end user would be the shop owner who is using this as a super calculator and would help them get good outcomes from the spreadsheet.The end user requirements should be:Fast data searchAccurate calculationsEasy to use (user friendly)Everything sorted out by using the Sort functionGet good results and easy to understand themTo get from one sheet to another sheet I will be using macro buttons. First I will record a macro and play it back by using a button. This will help the user get around the spreadsheet very fast and quick.For my project I have used Excel and the Flexi data. Before I have already mentioned why excel is the best program for creating this system. Flexi data was used to get the customer’s data. I could have used excel for this but I think that filling in the data in the format of a form is better. When you enter the data in flexi data you have to fill in a form. Then I copied and pasted into excel.I need quite a few different types of data. For example the most common used would be text. It will be used in the stock, customer names, and other customer details. The most important one however would be codes and serial no. for my stock. These codes represent the type of game that it is. So a sports game would start with 3 and every time a customer is looking for a sports game you would look in the 3 column and find the game the customer needs. The serial number however is an individual number given to each game in stock.The problem that excel solves is that it holds all the stock information. It calculates the prices for the rented out games and it would also calculate the fine charges for the late games brought back. Customers would be fined �1.00 for every night they keep the game Overdue. On sheet 2 there is all the information about the business and how the whole week has gone showing results and profits earned by late charges.There are lots of copies for one game and since they all have to be returned one day by the customer there is a serial number to see which customer took out which copy. For this to be a serial number I highlighted the whole column and went to format-cells-type-numbers up to 0 decimal places. Another format of data used was date. This is very important when the game should be returned so there should be a record of when the game is took out. Very important and easy to do in excel as you can just format the cells to -date.I will use a few formulas for my project in excel. These are the following important formulas.SumRandbetweenVlook upValidation of dataGraphs etc.The few mathematics I would be using in my project are simple maths such as subtracting adding and averages. So far this is what I have planned but as the spreadsheet gets underway then I will have more to add.I won’t be using too many random values but I have used unique data. Some data might be identical (game titles) but when it comes to the serial number it’s unique. I have mentioned before why I chose this because the end user would know which game was taken out by which member. I have used 4 different worksheets. On each worksheet there is important data except for the first one.Worksheet one would be the title page for the shop and a bit of design. Worksheet 2 however would be far more important and that’s where the whole economical information about the shop is found. It shows all the information on which what member rented out games on which day. It will show some graphs and results on how the week has gone past. It will practically be the most useful page to look at when it comes to sales. Worksheet 3 would be all the stock. This page would also tell you some information about the games that are rented out from the shop. It has a code and serial (unique) number for each game in stock. Finally is the worksheet 4 where there is all the information about every customer who registered with the Shop. So if any customer has a late fee to pay or hasn’t returned a due in game then the shop owner would have to go through this:Flowchart next page————->>>>>>>>>>>>NoYesIn this part of the project I have now created my spreadsheet here I will show what changes and testing were done to the spreadsheet and how I managed to get my final implement. The main change that I gave to my spreadsheet was unique stock names. As I mentioned in my analysis that I will keep the stock name the same but a unique serial number. However I found out that when Vlookup was used to get data from one sheet to the other the data was not shown uniquely.Below is an example of what happened.A very important part of the spreadsheet is validation. This was also part of my testing. To test my spreadsheet I tied to enter an anomaly data into a validated cell and see what message appears. How ever the most use of validation in my spreadsheet was a dropdown list. Here is what I had done.Finally my main part of implementation is the testing and user responses.I tested my spreadsheet as mentioned above by using validation.Below are a couple of more examples of testing.Testing continued testing if a macro works.That button took me to this screen so my test was successful.


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