Learn more about and register for the FuzzyBeard Summer Camp Program including: Locations Activities Registration Price Dates Times *On-line registration available! The Official FuzzyBeard Summer Camp Program Every summer, the Fuzzyology program, in will host several week-long basketball camps across Minnesota for thousands of young basketball players that want to learn from the best and play like the pros. The Fuzzy Beard Ball Camp staff are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the ame in a very fun, exciting, in a Bully Free environment.

We want every camper to leave with three things: 1 . Between the first day of camp and the last day, we want every camper to improve their Character and basketball skill level. 2. We want all of our campers to walk away knowing what it will take for them to get better. 3. We want all of our campers to have fun and learn to truly enjoy the game of basketball. Along with these items, our campers leave with their hands full of great stuff

Including: A ticket to a future Minnesota Timberwolves game FuzzyBeard Camp t-shirt Fuzzy Beard Camp basketball Fuzzy Beard headband Fuzzy Beard Basketball skills packet Additional Camp Details The Fuzzy Beard Summer Camps are for boys and girls of all skill levels between ages 7-16. Skill development stations include ball handling, passing, shooting, defense, and rebounding. Camp contests include hot shot, free throws, X-out, lay-ups, and knock out.

Along with station work, campers will also play in 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 games. Overnight Camps will also be available soon! Be sure to check out the camp page for more details. (Whenever possible, campers will be separated by gender, age, and ability providing the best opportunity to learn. ) For the most up to date information on Fuzzy Beard Ball Camps, including locations, dates, registration, pricing, and more please email [email protected] com. fuzzy camp By mosesbradley

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