Hello! My name is Márcia and in my free time I enjoy dancing, going for a walk, watching TV, listening to music and reading. In the future I would like to be a veterinary, because I love animals! I like to treat them and also because I think this is a job that has a lot to do with me. I just hope to achieve this goal because I’d love to work in a veterinary clinic.

If I go to an interview, I should answer all questions clearly and directly; I should take an extra copy of my CV and some references with me; continuously make eye contact with the interviewer or display sense of humor and self-confidence; I should dress appropriately for the interview, equip myself with a strong knowledge of the company, industry and position advertised; I should also look attentive and sit properly in my chair.

Unemployment worries me a lot and I would like to have a part-time job to earn my own money. That way I could help my family, too. But I know that having a part-time job also has its disadvantages, as I wouldn’t have much time to study or do the things I really like. Hi! My name is Thomas and I love playing video games, doing physical exercise, playing tennis and skiing. Listening to music, watching my favorite programme on TV, chatting with my friends or going for a walk in the city are also some of the activities I enjoy doing in my free time.

My future job has to be related with company management. I also would like to be a professional tennis player, although I think it may be difficult to achieve that. I would like to manage a company because I like to give orders, administrative work and to organize things. I think I can be that, but I know that I need to have good marks and be good at everything I do. If I go to an interview, I will need to keep myself calm and relaxed. I must look at the interviewer’s eyes; I must talk formally and be polite.

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Unemployment is something that worries me, because nowadays there are more and more people who can’t find a suitable job and…in the future, there are lots of people who will want the same job as me.


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