Funny story BY lilY0026 The Raccoon & The Squirrel (The Priest Story) Once upon a time deep in the forest lived a raccoon named Simon who is a mischievous fellow that steals food occasionally from the farmer’s land. On every full moon Simon would quietly sneak into the farmer’s land and steal some of the ripe vegetables and fruits leaving his home unguarded. While Simon is busy stealing food, Ruphis the squirrel who recently moved into the forest noticed Simon’s daily routines and started to loot Simon’s home and takes little portions of food that he believed will be unnoticeable to Simon.

During his looting Ruphis wonders how the raccoon is able to acquire such enormous amount of food that piles up his home and where does he receives it. After taking what he wanted Ruphis quickly checked his surroundings and left the premises, then here comes Simon trotting along in the forest to his home. When Simon arrives at his home he notice that there was something different about his home, but he Just couldn’t fgure out what was wrong. Then only thing that was on Simon’s mind was the plum tree that will growing plums in a few weeks since summer has arrived.

He is anticipating the first plum that will ripe on the tree and its uicy flavor in his watering mouth. Since the last full moon Simon comes to the farmer’s land every night Just to admire the plum tree and waiting for the first plum to ripe. Rhuphis notice this unusual change of the raccoon’s routine, he wonders what got the raccoon so caught up these nights for him to go every day. One night instead of looting Simon’s home Ruphis follows Simon into the farmer’s land. When Ruphis arrives at the famer’s land he was awestruck by the abundance of food in the farmer’s land. Ruphis finally realize where the sneaky raccoon got his food.

Ruphis naps out of the awestruck moment and frantically searched for the raccoon. Ruphis finally spots Simon sitting near a plum tree and faintly crawled over to where Simon was sitting. Ruphis was confused at what Simon was doing and why he was soundlessly sitting there staring at the tree. As Ruphis got closer he recognized that it was a plum tree that Simon was staring at. He understood why Simon was leaving every night because it was the season where the plum tree will bloom and have ripe fruits on it. Simon realized someone was staring at him and he turned around to spot a fluffy brown creature with big dark brown eyes and a bushy tail.

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He noticed that it was a squirrel. Ruphis noticed that Simon has spotted him and he started to panic. Simon perceived the scrawny little creature pacing back and forth, and trotted over to little frighten thing. Simon friendly called out to the squirrel and asked why he was here as well. Ruphis hearing the friendly tone reply back that he admires the plum tree and likes to see it every night. Simon hearing this reply was full of glee and said to the squirrel that his name was Simon. The squirrel reply back by telling Simon his name is Ruphis.

They soon became good friends and Simon would occasionally give ood to Ruphis from his home and Ruphis feeling guilty told Simon that he has looted his home before and took food from him; Simon hearing this from the first time told the squirrel he was not mad and Ruphis should from now on ask his permission to get food from his home. Ruphis hearing this would never have to loot Simon’s home ever again. Every night they will go together to gaze at the plum tree waiting for it to tomorrow when the moon is at its brightest hour. The next following night Simon arrives at the plum tree first waiting for Ruphis.

When Ruphis finally arrives at the ree, they waited patiently for the moon light to shine on the plum tree to indicate how many plums are ready to eat. As the moon shines on the tree, both Simon and Ruphis noticed only one plum was ripe. They both stared at one another with vicious looks and quickly started climbing the tree to see who can retrieve the ripe plum first. Ruphis beats Simon to the plum first and quickly stuffs it in his mouth. He then quickly scurries away with Simon chasing after him. While he is on the run Ruphis thinks back to all the nice things Simon has done for him and that he will regret losing a great friend like Simon.

Ruphis stops immediately and turns around seeing Simon running his way. Ruphis quickly takes out the ripe plum and gives it to Simon. Simon seeing this became confused and happy seeing that his friend gave the plum to him. Simon noticing Ruphis wanted the plum as well, cut the plum in half and gave one of the half to Ruphis. Ruphis was surprised and understood this is what best friends do and they share. After the plum incident Simon and Ruphis did everything together and shared things they found with one another. The End. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life time of friendship by what we give and share.


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