What Is The Function Of Chapter 11

McEwan uses four main tittles in order to structure the form of which chapter 11 is written, they are plot, character, language, and also theme. Firstly we will begin talking about the plot, which basically means what is happening in the chapter and a bit before that chapter. In chapter 11 Joe and the reader are reading a letter that has been written by Jed Parry and has been addressed to Joe. This letter is Parry explaining and expressing his true love and feelings for Joe.

From this letter we can really see and now know that Joe maybe all this time has been telling the truth because this letter is like evidence for the accusation that Joe had made against Parry. I think that Parry recons that he is destined to be with Joe, this is because he is absolutely obsessed with Joe and he even refers to Joe sometimes to his god, and then he thanks god for Joe’s existence and for making them meet at that first point at the top of the hill. I close my eyes and thank god out loud for letting you exist. ‘ From this quotation we can see that in this part of the letter Jed is thanking his god for Joe being on this planet, this for the reader sends out signals to them which indicates that Parry is a bit of a weirdo and obsessed little child. But why is this? Maybe he feels he needs the human closeness because he has no one, or is this maybe sexual obsession.

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As we have read on into the wonderful novel of ‘Enduring Love’ Parry’s obsession has grown greatly in every chapter, and by this Joe is becoming scared and Clarissa is becoming frustrated at the fact that Joe does not stop talking about Parry, she is actually starting to have some doubts about her own boyfriend, and now there relationship is having problems all because of Parry and his crazy obsession with Joe. Next we shall begin with character in chapter 11.

From Parry’s letter we are told of his back round, how he is fatherless, maybe that is why he is so obsessed with Joe, he may be looking for a farther figure in him, the type of parental closeness. It could well be because we are told that his farther died when he was eight, he has a sister in Australia which he has never been able to track down since his mother died, so basically he is an orphan, this is probably why he feels the need for the human and parental closeness with Joe, he seeks a sort of psychological closeness with him.

Either that or he is just crazy and is obsessed with Joe because he is actually in love with him and feels the need for a sexual closeness of a relationship with Joe. ‘Here I am, the king of my castle’. From this quotation he is explaining that he is the man of the house, his farther died and so did the rest of his family so now he is the ‘king’ of the whole house, but maybe he does not want to be, just maybe he wants Joe to be a sort of farther figure for him, its his desire for this parental closeness, this is like a little childish game that he is playing by saying that he is the ‘king of the castle’.

Also the words and phrases that Parry uses in the letter are also scientific, but why is he suddenly using such words with such extreme meanings. Theses are maybe or most definitely hints of his true and emotional feelings for Joe, he thinks that he feels the need to impress him by talking the way that Joe talks. ‘Exploration has begun of the ocean floor, but the surface remains undisturbed. ‘ From this quotation we can see a bit of the scientific language that he uses to explain that him and Joe have a lot of catching up to do.

The hints of scientific language are hints of the rejection of Joe, a part of Parry and also the flattery of trying to win Joe over Clarissa and to show the feelings and true emotions of his heart, referring back to the title of the novel ‘Enduring Love’ which means like ever-lasting love, love which never stops, so in Parry’s case his continuing and ‘undying’ love for Joe. So now that Parry also knows a bit about Joe’s back round, Parry will continue to try and impress him by speaking more scientifically and also with the form of romantic art.

As we can obviously see in chapter 11, the whole chapter is written in letter formation and structure. But the why has he written a letter instead of making more phone calls? This is because Parry believes that it will bring Joe closer to him and further away from Clarissa which is exactly what he wants. He also thinks that it is more passionate and romantic to write a letter, because it expresses the feeling and emotions of love clearer than what a phone call would do. Writing to you brings us closer’. Here we can see where he has said that he thinks that writing a letter ‘brings them closer’. I recon that this Parry is kind of a crazy guy and I would not like to be in Joe’s shoes at this precise moment. This chapter is also a change of form for the reader, this is because so far throughout the novel we have been reading everything and seeing everything through Joe’s eyes, through his own perspectives, mind and thoughts.

And now all of a sudden we are in Jed Parry’s mind, his body, we are speaking his words and seeing everything through his crazy obsessed emotionally loved mind. This is actually quite good because we now get to see things through someone else’s eyes instead of just Joe’s the whole time, its like a change of environment or atmosphere. In this chapter we now have a change of themes, we have a quieter theme as to when Joe is being practically stalked by Parry.

But the theme that we still and will probably always have throughout this novel is Parry’s obsessive love for Joe. We also have the theme of where Parry constantly refers to the special love, religious bond and closeness that they both share together, the religious love for Joe when he goes on to thank god for the existence and presence of them both. We also get a theme and also a feeling of the constant child ness, which also relates back to the character of Parry.