From my perspective of the old artifactscollected, I strongly believe that these items should be preserved so that theyounger generation can learn about the history of the early settlers, theirlanguages, cultures, religious beliefs, politics etc. This aspects has conveyhow important it is to learn about our ancestors since traditions from theearly days has been passed down to the 21st century which link us toour development presently. Simply as the immigrants from different culture and traditionboarded the Caribbean region has embarked in our society giving us a multi-culture.This aspect shows how today society has been developed and the uses of suchitems has been replaced by modernized, advanced items.                                                                                                             Fromevident provided from history, there was rules and regulations which personshad to abide by. Failure to comply would have resulted in consequences bypersons in charge back then.  From myperspective pass era was extremely tough until my home land was grantedindependence and the abolishment of slavery.

As every individual gain theirrights to free will, the Caribbean became inhabitable for anyone, either tosettle or work. From my collection above it can be seen that the 21stcentury are high in diversity than our ancestor that lived in the pass.  Independence have led individual to obtain aneducation to expand their knowledge and shape their minds for a brighter futurewithout becoming penalized..                                                                                        Itcan be concluded that the items used in the 14th century had beenmade with the ability in the 21st century to make life much earlier.This collection simply show how we have evolved and shape a path for success andbecame intelligent. Evidences that back up my opinion is simple as the railwaysystems. Trains was replaced when vehicles has been introduced and madeavailable for anyone who can afford it.

Secondly fireside was used for cookingfood by our ancestors but this soon stopped when stoves was implemented. The cookingutensils shown above in the picture was replaced by electric mini chopper andelectric blenders. In conclusion to my essay, education is a major key since itis given to everyone in today’s society and technology have paved its way andopened up a whole new side which makes working force simple.