From reading this article, I strongly agree with the author’s perspective of the global impact the American Declaration of Independence, has had since its inception, since it was a revolutionary document, that sparked uprisings around the globe. The Declaration of Independence was mainly based on the 3 ideal goals: ‘The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’.  This Declaration was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, who was influenced by the rise of the Enlightenment ideas back in Europe. He disagreed with the British treatment of their colonies, and he even declared that King George III, was a tyrant and called for a change. This was seen to be impactful for Early America, since they would be one of the first colonies to break off from Britain, by sparking the American Revolution. The Declaration of Independence was also the spark, that lit the fire, of rebelling against the British, by receiving aid from foreign nations such as France.  Initially, it was frowned upon by the French, but after a period of negotiation, they eventually aided the colonists, against their oppressors. “The document inspired diplomatic debate in France but that potential ally only began serious negotiations after the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga in October 1777. The Franco-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce of February 1778 was the first formal recognition of the United States as “free and independent states.” French assistance would, of course, be crucial to the success of the American cause.”  The author has cited many historical events that support his claim, that the Declaration of  Independence made a positive impact on the World.  Another huge impact that it had, was be sending some African Americans back to their homeland, by quoting the document.  ‘….a significant amendment to the original Declaration’s right to happiness by the former slaves who had settled Liberia under the aegis of the American Colonization Society.’The Declaration of Independence was a glimmer of hope, that created a ripple towards the edges of the world. The document eventually led to the downfall of monarchial rule and established the idea of democracy. Rebellion around the world took began to take place, responding to their leaders and proclaiming their rights till today.  Many countries adopted the concept of the Declaration of Independence into their own doctrine. ‘In February 2008, the majority Albanian population of Kosovo declared their independence of Serbia in a document designed to reassure the world that their cause offered no precedent for any similar separatist or secessionist movements.’In conclusion, the impact of the Declaration of Independence has been felt it worldwide. However, it has not been formally adopted by all nations across the world. There are still some countries that refuse to adopt such ideas.


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