Frank Lampard

In this task the performance demands of an elite athlete will be closely looked at, the athlete that I have chosen is Frank Lampard who plays centre midfield for Chelsea football club this player has been chosen to be looked at because he plays for one of the biggest clubs in Europe so he can be watched on TV very easily also there will be a lot of access to information on this particular player.

The reason this player is considered to be an elite performer is because he is currently at the top of his game and has been for the last few seasons, he is currently the premierships top scorer with 11 goals coming from midfield also he an established player in the England team playing with the likes of Wayne Rooney and David Beckham who are also world class athletes, frank lampard honors include:

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Fans player of the Season – 2004, England Fans Player of 2004

Football Writer’s Player of the Year 2005, Barclays Player of the Season 2005

FIFA PRO World XI – 2005, Barclays award for first to score 10 premiership goals – season 2005/06,

Barclays Special Merit Award for Most Consecutive Premiership Appearances

( these are just a few of his achievement on a personal level also with his club Chelsea he has won the premiership title and this season Chelsea are again top of the league so there aim is to the same again.

Performance demands for football

Physiological- stamina, power, speed, agility, flexibility

Listed above are the main physiological performance demands of a footballer, obviously the demands will vary with the position of a player for example a midfielder will have different demands to a striker, a striker may need more power and speed whereas the midfielder will need more stamina. One of the main factors to Frank lampards success as a football star is his athletisism his ability to get around the pitch for ninety minutes without tiring. The position frank lampard plays is one of the most difficult because the player needs to have a mixture of all the physiological factors to be one of the best in his position due the fact that the demands of the game have increased due to more games being played over a season and over the recent years the pace of the English game has increased due to a lot of top quality players playing in the English premiership.

There are also other factors affecting physiological performance demands such as crowd expectation for example if the crowd is cheering for a player this may give the player more drive to perform and not let the crowd down.

Another factor may be a certain goal that the player wants to achieve for example pushing for an international call up for their country or qualifying for a European place.

The other factor which has probably the largest affect on physiological performance demands is the advance in nutritional information for example most premiership clubs will have a qualified member of staff who focus’s on nutrition this makes sure that the players are eating the right diets and eating the correct pre math meal so they are able to perform at there maximum.

Psychological- concentration, motivation, performance anxiety, confidence

Those listed above are the main psychological demands of a footballer, when playing football often a lot of goals are conceded due to a lack of concentration so it is vital that concentration is maintained throughout the game. Motivation is also a big factor of a players psychological performance demands this can go a long way in helping a team or individual to perform at their maximum for example if a team is more motivated than their opponents’ more often than not that team has the edge and through this comes confidence which is another psychological factor that can improve a team or individuals performance.

A factor that a footballer most over come to perform at their best is performance anxiety this can hinder a players performance for example the player will be to nervous and this will affect the players touch etc.

Tactical- attacking play, defensive play, zone play, individual.

Those listed above are the main tactical demands for the game of football, this is a vital part of the game as without tactics there would be no formations etc so games would ultimately be lost.

When playing a competitive game tactics may be different every single match, in the premier league every club has a scout to watch the opposition they are to play the week after so managers will have a better idea which tactics to use for example long ball, offside trap a certain formation etc, tactics will be worked on throughout the week in training so players no their roles, the manager may even deploy individual tactics for example if the manager feels the opposition has a certain danger man who is the play maker for the opposite team then he may set a player a man marking job. Frank lampard is a part of usually a central midfield trio were frank is the attacking player so he does not have to worry as much about getting back as there are two other midfielders that play a more defensive role this a tactic deployed by the manager to enable frank lampard to get forward and create opportunities or even score for the team.

Technical- passing, shooting, dribbling, heading, turning

Those listed above are technical demands for a footballer, mostly these abilities are natural and a big part of the reason if a player is an elite performer, a player is put into

which technical ability they are most suited to for example a player who is good at dribbling and turning may be a right or left winger.

Frank lampards main attributes are passing and shooting these attributes make him suited to an attacking midfield position as he can unlock defenses with his good range of passing and also he can finish if he is in the right position, frank lampards technical ability is among the best in the world so this is why it plays a big part in him being an elite performer.