Francesco Redi: The Scientific Method

I have reticently done the virtual experiment lab labeled Meats and Maggots, where in this lab I recreated Sir Francesco Redi experiment of meat rotting. He originally did this to show the life of maggots did not come from meat.

That really the fly’s which arrive to the unsealed meat cussed the maggots to exist on the meat. Going throw this lab I recreated his Scientific Method step by step to see how it is he come to this discover. It was most educationally on how the method is used to prove conclusion.Francesco Redi contributed greatly to the Scientific Method by publishing step by step how he came to his conclusion and the means in which he got there.

In this lab we first take observations of what it is we or studying we saw how rotting meat showed fly’s and maggots in them we the asked our self’s question obtaining to the study like why the fly’s come and what our independent verbal could be. We then later come to the idea if the meat was sealed could we stop the maggots from appearing?Next we tested this hypothesis by sealing one meat and not sealing the other. We then watched how the unsealed meat attracted fly’s and then followed by maggots; however the sealing off the flies too the other meat did not give way for thee maggots to come. Giving us or concision that maggots did not applier form the meat itself but form the fly’s having access. The scientific method proves us a solid formula for reaching concision such as these and is otherwise brilliant.


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