Fortunate to have not struggled like my grandfather when migrating to wales.My mother grasped the opportunity to succeed academically and raise a loving family. In Heath hospital, Cardiff, Wales, on the 31st may 1982 Nosheen was the 1st of 4 kids. Adamsdown primary school was her first school in Cardiff.At the age of 11 she went to Cardiff high school. her college was Coleg Glan Hafren.when she was  18 she spent 4 years learning about math. She has a thirst for traveling, she has roamed the pyramids of Egypt And has seen the landscape of France from the Eiffel tower and has an academic capability in maths. After graduating and being immensely proud, more happy news arrived as she would soon marry my father.Soon after, their first child was born(Ibrahim)and they moved to Leytonstone because the house was not big enough in Wales.A year later was when my sister was born my parents moved house again. She is good at arts and crafts and makes banners for special events -weddings and parties-loads of people like it because it is handmade and she put time and effort into it.Determined to support her children, Nosheen learned to drive because my father had to go to his job.Upon visiting Pakistan, Nosheen realized that she wanted to be a teacher-to educate young children and make a positive impact in her community.Furthermore, Nosheen realized that Pakistan is a developing country and she started to give charity to people in need. Nosheen has been to hajj with her family.At Hajj she met new people from different backgrounds and that is a part of the reason why she wants to be a teacher.Nosheen is hardworking and constantly busy, she demonstrates this by going to university and caring for her children.As my mum work so hard I have to wake her up in the morning because she can’t be late for her university.What she isn’t late for is when we’re on holiday as she likes to travel and explore places abroad. Her favorite place is the Black Forest in Germany because she loves nature and wild areas like forests jungles and deserts. 


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