Forbidden City

After reading this unforgettable novel “The Forbidden City”, Alex’s trip to China has shown that a single action can have dramatic consequences. Alex changed from a boy who enjoyed military history, having adventures, and thought clay soldiers were heroes, to someone who is more mature, grew responsibility, and learned the true meaning of a hero.

Before Alex went to Beijing, he had a passion for Chinese military. As he stayed in Beijing for few months, he found that there were more differences than he thought. He becomes more mature. Alex was addicted to Chinese military history, and he made many clay soldiers at his own home. When the students’ demonstration happened in Beijing, the government of China used citizens against their own people. That’s not like what Alex heard in his history stories, which talked about using enemy’s power against them (borrow the arrows). When the P.L.A used tear gas to repress those people who were in the Tiananmen Square, Alex was shocked that they would go that far. On June 4, 1989, all the P.L.As were in Tiananmen Square to arrest students, and Alex found that PLAs were not people’s army. He realized that he just found the surface of the truth.

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Alex used to like adventures, but when he went to china, adventure was a whole different meaning. As he met with that horrible and bloody massacre, his responsibility was growing. Alex felt sorry for Lao-Xu because if he hadn’t rushed out of hotel that day, Lao-Xu might have not gone to Tiananmen Square with him, avoiding death. When Alex saw that Lao-Xu had fallen onto the ground, a huge weight had been put on his shoulders. At last, before he left grandma’s home to Canada, he smuggled the tapes out of China. He wanted to help students indeed, and he knew that he had the responsibilities to support and help the students. Even though they have different worlds, different life, they had the same kind heart.

Alex used to think that his little clay soldiers were heroes, but in his mind three people were more than that. First, Lao-xu is a hero to Alex because he bravely stood in front of PLAs’ guns. Secondly, Alex regarded Xin-hua as his friend in China, also a lifesaver. Some of the students had a miserable life, and Xin-Hua’s determination showed Alex a different world. In order to protect Alex, Xin-Hua paid her own life to their beliefs. In the end, Alex boiled those clay soldiers, he knew that they were not heroes; heroes were the ordinary people like Xin-Hua and Lao-Xu.

In conclusion, Alex turned from a boy to a mature and responsible man. He used to enjoy reading about Chinese military history, but after being in Beijing for many months, he soon changed his mind right after the PLA threw tear gas at the students. Alex also likes adventures too. But after the adventure he went through like the massacre, he never wants to have another adventure again. In Alex’s mind, his little clay soldiers were his heroes. He soon realized that a real hero makes sacrifices, just like Lao-xu.