For this creative task, I chose to rewrite a scene from the novel using the perspective of the Mauser rifle. I chose the inanimate object, the rifle, because I felt that it is a very powerful symbol throughout the book. The rifle, being obtained from a highly skilled German sniper, has immense abilities that far surpass the rifles Xavier and Elijah were given. Therefore, to reflect this, throughout the novel, we see these two friends become divided over the ownership of the rifle. The amount of jealousy shown from Elijah towards Xavier for having this rifle is very evident: “” (Boyden ). From the rifle’s perspective, I have included this jealousy between the two friends in the beginning of my rewritten scene. Furthermore, the Mauser represents an addiction to death as it was taken from a sniper that loved death. I have reflected this in my rewritten scene as I have made it clear that the rifle enjoys being a part of the death process whether it is by bullets or used as a stick weapon. Also, just as Elijah has an addiction for killing like the rifle, it is fitting when Elijah dies, that Xavier gives him the rifle since Elijah’s and the rifle’s want for killing and how Xavier wants to escape this world of death and accomplishes this by leaving behind the rifle and his friend who are both addicted to death. In addition, the rifle also represents power. Once Xavier has the rifle, it gives him power and control over Elijah for once and thus causes him to be jealous. Also, it gives Xavier more power literally when it comes to killing, since this rifle is much better than the English, another reference I have made. This is seen in the novel as Xavier is given more power to kill with his rifle as he uses it against Elijah. Both of these mentioned above are events that were unchanged in my rewritten scene but only retold from the rifle’s perspective. In conclusion, the rifle, even though being an inanimate object, is a symbol that has many meanings which touched upon throughout the entire novel.       


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