as long as I can remember I have been interested in business. My attraction for
business studies came from when I was 9, I was on holiday in Florida and I
visited a shop. I was confused on the price of the clothes and why the DVD’s
and video games were sold at various prices. I read the book The Power of Broke
by Daymond John; the book quotes that “setting up a business with limited
resources is a competitive advantage, not a liability”. This book influenced me
to study BTEC Business.


BTEC Business Extended at Level 3 has made me gain more knowledge on the world
of business. I have learned how to analyse problems and come up with solutions
whilst I meet my deadlines.


favourite topic I studied in my course is Business Resources, I explored
sources of finance, human resources and financial statements. I enjoy sorting
balance sheets and profit-and-loss accounts so I can look at companies’


secondary school in year 11, I took part in fundraisings, open evenings, and
weekend fairs. On a regular basis, I collected money for Children in Need and
Comic Relief during these events. I noticed that raising money has improved my
problem solving and team skills.

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Voluntary work experience I had was at a Facebook’s workshop in London. This
heavily persuaded me to want to study business at a degree level. I learned key
information on how one of the biggest social media website functions. One of
the tasks was to develop current content ideas to enhance customer engagements.
This helped me gain good interaction and communication skills as I had to work
with other people.


I am
a competitive football fan. I watch my team Manchester United every time they
play, for me watching football has developed some of my mental abilities such
as planning, thinking ahead, problem-solving and concentration. These skills
are very transferable to a business environment.


my life I have always enjoyed, listening to Music. It helps me to relax, makes
me motivated and puts me in a concentrated mood if I’m doing my coursework.


is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world. I understand that
a business degree is an extremely demanding course, and I am committed and
ready to work hard. But, the modern-day world is becoming influenced by a field
of businesses. So, studying business at a high level will place me at an
immense advantage. I also know it’s very diverse and it could lead me to great
opportunities and I would like to create my own business in the future. I feel
that I am an enthusiastic individual and I will get through this challenging
but exciting degree confidently so I can expand my academic potential and
hopefully become a great student at your university.


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