For Fanon, his goal was to comprehend how racist society came about. He contended that racist society is a society that treats induvial of African descent inferior to those of white Europeans.  Fanon talks about how White Europeans often feel as minorities that use their so call “minority status” to create a superiority that makes an inferiority of those of African descent.  Franon talks about how the colonizes in recognizing this threat started splitting the society among racial lines; whites and blacks, giving those of European descent the social favorite.  This created psychological racial mindset created by the white Europeans that the French culture and language that place strength in his culture. This culture was so powerful, that those of African descent choose to give up any African descent to become part of the French culture.  This goes into the concept of Grammar of Culture where the French culture which makes up the minority population controls the lifestyle of those of the majority. This racial complex enforced this racist attitude that caused those of African descent to give up own culture, language, and history to move from an outsider status to an insider status. Those minority group of this island; the French, create a mindset and attitude that ruled over this island that it made Africans lose their culture become an insider.  This goes into Franon theory of Grammar of Culture that talks about how the French language that created a racial complex affects those of African descent. That the French language and culture made those of African descent conformed from the majority population; which is the black population, to the minority white population culture.  That the minority population; white Europeans, used their culture and language to create a mindset that caused people to give up their own culture and language to move from being an outsider to an insider.   In collusion, Fanon describes in his book; Black Skin White Masks, the racial complex that affects those of African descent causing them to give up their own culture and language in order to move from being an “outsider” to insider status. This racial complex is part of the social veil that affects those of African descent causing them to interact difficulty when they are around those of European descent vs those of their own race.  The minority group on this island; the White European colonizers, created a social complex so powerful that it stripped away any form of identity of those of African descent.  In his book, he breakdown this racial complex into three different categorizes. The first being, the social concept of French society and the impact on African descent. Next, the interracial affiliation between the races primarily among women of color and Caucasian males.  Third being, African males and their relationship with Caucasian females. During Frantz Fanon’s breakdown of the French racial complex, he uses psychology to describe how French colonization constructs an unequal society between the different ethicizes. 


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