For me
it is not satisfying to be an ordinary employee and I believe I have the
ability to get my hands fully into the projects and have a major influence on
how they are implemented. Although I have a short but rewarding period of work
experience during my high education at STEM School, I had my mind set to build
my own Aircrafts developing and manufacturing company and to be able to follow
this dream, I am applying for a Mechanical Engineering course.

I have
been always fascinated by aircrafts and I was curious about how they worked.
This fascination was not satisfied by their outer appearance or by how well
they achieved their functions, but to learn more about how they managed to do
so. My enthusiasm for the mathematical problems and physics theories led
me to this field. Since my high school, I found that engineering is the
originator of the progress from boats, automobiles, and planes to spaceships,
leading engineers are the creators of our future. At that time the borders of
my imagination about how far technology can go grew and I decided to build my
own company.

To pursue
this dream I am applying for a mechanical engineering course and I will do my
best to reach higher positions within this field. Then, I will search for the staff that will
be involved to work for this company. This staff will be a group of very
selective engineers from different majors such as electrical, aeronautical, and
mechanical. They will be prepared well to cooperate and devote their minds and
ideas to innovate and invent. If I have the chance to do so, the company will
be constructed in Egypt under the supervision of skilled institution at that
time. The company will also be opened for the new graduated students to practice
and get the opportunity for the practical education in the involved majors. This
practice will prepare them to develop the skills to build for their own
projects. When this company occupy an appropriate position, we will adopt ideas
from Arabian graduate students within the company work and help them apply
these ideas especially in the aircraft manufacturing by funding, supporting,
and other facilitations.

This project
requires highly skilled person, therefore I will use my personal
attributes include leadership and creativity as well as analytical and problem
solving skills that I have developed throughout my higher education at STEM
School and will evolve them during my university education. At STEM, I have
always managed to achieve project goals and I have brought quality work into
timely and productive completion both in individual and teamwork assignments. Working on
different projects has given me the insight to how projects are executed. I was
challenged with some project management tasks. This has proven to me that I
have managerial skills, although training and direction is essential in order
to apply them appropriately.

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