Food Inc

Robert Kenner, the director of “Food, Inc,” questions to the audience that how much do we really care about the food we buy at our local supermarkets and served by our families? Everyone knows what foods are; that any nourishing substance that is eaten or taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, and promote growth, and these are one of the most important thing for human beings.

However, many people maybe never thought about bigger-breasted chickens, tomatoes which won’t go bad after many miles trip, and how pigs are killed in a really tiny and dark room by “The killer floor. ” This movie revealed America’s food industry, exposing super technologic machineries. Business and political trends make companies do not care about the planet, animals and consumers, but care only their profits, and turned this nation to the number one obesity country.

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In this movie, Maria Gonzales and her family went to a fast food store, and ordered: five cheese burgers, two chicken sandwiches, and three drinks totaled $11. 48. The fact which this little amount of money can feed her family made me think that the reason why so many people suffer from widespread obesity, diabetes and other diet-related illnesses may be because of the food system in this county. Gonzales thought expensive for a broccoli which was only $1. 29, and he added saying that candies, chips, and sodas are cheaper than vegetables.

It did not make sense to compare the prices between one which contains various notorious: vitamin A, B, C, calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc and the other one which contains only bad things to health. In addition, I found the fact full of sarcasms here that according to The Borgen Project, 684,000 child deaths in the world could have been prevented by providing access to Vitamin A and Zinc, which means the broccoli could save a child. I believe that people can buy not only health, but also life.

However, many people think that fast foods are the only meal which they can afford which I strongly disagree. One of my friends who always eat fast foods told me that she cannot afford to buy any foods but fast foods, but I think it was wrong, furthermore, I thought that she ate fast foods not because she could not afford, but because she loved the taste and wanted them. It is true that many poor people are sustained by cheap foods, but although they cannot afford to go to a gym, they can get notorious vegetables and fruits instead of fast foods, or cigarettes.

America’s food system has been paralyzed people’s thought about foods. Most people who eat fast foods become easily sick, and cost them more than the amount they could have got good foods. People should pick broccoli, and be healthy instead of being needed in medicine after keep eating fast foods. While the donut market in the United States is worth a whopping$3 billion dollars, according to The Borgen Project, 25,000 people, adults and children, die every day from hunger.

Not only people in the U. S. , but also people in most developed countries have wasted foods easily because they produce large amount of foods with low cost, and this food systems make them believe that they can get foods whenever and whatever they want. Furthermore, that means not only people waste foods, but also the remaining foods on dishes become truth, making atmosphere dirty, and making the ocean dirty by washing dishes which has remaining some foods.

Only human beings are morally considered, and we think that we possess the environment and owed followers which sustain us, considering human being as the center of the world; anthropocentrism. However, we need to repent our attitude towards the planet because the anthropocentric way towards the environment affects us. For example, pollution diminishes our health, climate change puts our world at risk and so on. Thus, we need more respect the environment for sustaining our lives. In the movie, Kenner give some examples which we can do for our planet.

For example, we can get organic foods, go farmers market, buy foods that grown locally, and specially the one which I really liked was that “You can change the world with every bite. ” We have three chances a day to change the world, and after I saw the movie, I knew that I had wasted so much food, and I had been not got along well with the Earth. However, I will try to change my thought and attitude towards the planet, and I believe that if people watch the movie, and change their thought, both human beings and the Earth will live healthier and longer.