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Subject: Floating Islands       

Floating cities can be an excellent example of economic sea zone due to their unique nature. These comprise their unique creation that attracts many people. Many interested parties of real estate are conducting their study in identifying the architecture that is needed in the modification of these sea zones cities to be more human-friendly for a living (Andersen, 2017). Many engineers argue that these floating towns could be the ideal home for those with a luxurious life. The close sea breeze and the ocean view is the perfect concept that makes many people admires living in these cities. It some of the best place for consideration by the business people with divergent ideas of technological utilization.

            According to many environmentalist researchers, the concept of floating island is one of the best useful inventions that reduce the congestion in the city. They are a positive contribution to society as there is the creation of more spaces that accommodate many people. These are also economic zones that keep and redefine the human (White, 2012). The legal framework or the environment should be implemented in ensuring these are safe places for a human. The engineers are thus encouraged to be more innovates by the use of the current technology in protecting and putting measures that will see these floating cities growing strong. According to the Institute of sea standing health assessment on the sea water should be conducted first before any project is carried out. It will be the use of delegated engineers in the research project that estimates all the expenses of the floating island projects.

            In conclusion, the floating island cities can be used in a various way like hosting the floating health care, aquaculture farms, powerhouses and medical researchers. In this case the floating island has more benefits for the business people and therefore should be viewed as a new existing opportunity that is geared towards profit making though the utilization of the projects within the islands.




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White, J. (2012). Floating cities could redefine human existence. New Scientist, 215(2883), 26-27.


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