Flesh flies or
scientifically known Sarcophagidae  is
not just an ordinary little insects it is the considered as one of the dirties
type of fly and mostly found in public markets. They visit such places as
dumps, garbages ,canal ,human foods and decaying matter. Flesh flies transmit
disease trough their legs and small hairs, they are strongly suspected of
transmitting at least 65 diseases to human, including typhoid fever, dysentery,
cholera, poliomyelitis, yaws, anthrax, tularemia, leprosy and tuberculosis (The
Pennsylvania State University 2018).

        According to
the Philippine Department of Health Epidemiology Bureau of Public Health
Surveillance Division a total of 1,539 reported cholera cases nationwide from
January 1 to June 3, 2017. Several flies killer were introduced and available
in the market but only few can afford because of its price. That is one of the
reason why thousands of Filipinos got sick. Many market vendors used a fly
catcher instead of using fly killer spray due its chemical contain .But fly
catcher is not enough to catch all the flies specially in public markets where
there is canals, raw meats and fishes. In that case flesh flies can transmit
diseases trough human foods that can affect  human body.

   Derris eliptica or
Tubli root can be used as an alternative fly killer. It’s a species of
leguminous plant from Southeast Asia and the southwest Pacific islands, it roots
contain rotenone, a strong insecticide and fish poison. (wikipedia.org). In the
Philippines Tubli root is popularly used as a fish poison  and also in other country like Nigeria. The
rotenone that is present in the tubli root does not only kill fishes and flies
but also ticks, chicken lice, and red spiders. It has been discovered to be
more effective than potassium cyanide and equally effective as pyrethrum an
insecticide made of dry flowers.

  Tubli root  is not applicable to spray near human
foods  because of its toxicity but it is
more useful in garbages, dump and canal areas. Almost 50% of flesh flies that
is present in the public market came from canals. Usingg tubli root it that can
help  reduce the number of flies for
almost 50% and reduce the cases of cholera and other diseases. People can have
a fly killer without spending a single peso. 

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